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Lotus Suutra Jewelry Private Limited


Lotus Suutra Jewelry was founded in 2016 by Snehha Aggarwal. Lotus Suutra Jewelry has a versatile design aesthetic that speaks to women across India and worldwide. 


Lotus Suutra Jewelry is an emblem of sophistication and timeless beauty in the world of handcrafted jewelry. With a profound dedication to craftsmanship and design, this brand has established itself as a purveyor of affordable luxury, bringing together traditional aesthetics with contemporary fashion sensibilities.


Founded on the principles of elegance, quality, and accessibility, Lotus Suutra Jewelry offers a dazzling array of ethnic and contemporary pieces that cater to a diverse clientele. Each creation is a testament to the finesse and attention to detail that the artisans pour into their work, ensuring that every item is not just a piece of jewelry but a work of art.


The brand's extensive collection includes stunning neckpieces & sets, intricately designed to elevate any ensemble with grace and grandeur. Their earrings range from delicate studs perfect for everyday wear to opulent chandeliers that make a statement at any gala event. The versatility of their designs means that there is something for every occasion, whether it be a casual outing or a lavish wedding.


Lotus Suutra Jewelry takes pride in its ability to blend the charm of classic jewelry-making techniques with cutting-edge trends, resulting in pieces that are both timeless and trendy. The materials used are carefully selected to ensure durability and the sparkle that customers seek in fine jewelry.


As a brand that has been featured in various fashion platforms, including Aza Fashions, Lotus Suutra Jewelry has garnered admiration not just for its designs but also for its commitment to providing exceptional customer service, ensuring that each purchase is as memorable as the jewelry itself.

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