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Maharaja Chains has been delivering the purest and highest quality of jewellery in Mumbai since its establishment in 1997. As a wholesaler and manufacturer of unique gold products, we have developed a market and wide customer base with our excellent customer service and satisfaction. Our artisans of jewellery focus on each and every product to make its appearance striking and loveable. 

The designs of gold chains and Cubic Zirconias have truly ravished our customers by always customising according to their needs. We aim to cater to different types of individuals; men, women and children as well. With more than 22 years of experience in the market now, we have understood the requirements of traditional as well as modern jewellery designs. This has made us more aware and detailed in creating the modern designs which fashionistas just absolutely adore. 

We also have dedicated logistics support so you can always get your jewellery items delivered to you, without leaving your home. We believe in trust, customer service, and exceeding the customer’s expectations, always.


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123, 1st Floor , Zaveri Bazaar , Mumbai
Maharashtra, PIN : 400002.

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