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Mahashila jewellery is an establishment of dedicated and enthusiastic jewellery professionals, a leading wholesaler of 916 gold jewellery. Backed with years of industry experience and an integrity consolidated through perseverance and faith in our exquisite craftsmanship, we have upheld our name in the industry. 

Commenced in the year 2004 by Mr. Nirmal and Mr. Neeraj Kothari, Mahashila quickly rose in capacity and capabilities and is now a destination for every type of gold jewellery manufactured under the sun. Be it Mumbai’s gold jewellery, Emerald casting jewellery, Antique jewellery, Mahashila is the place for the retailer to fill his cache. In addition, Mahashila Jewellery is a distributor for the famed ‘ORO’ bangles and ‘JEWEL ONE’, India’s numero uno gold jewellery manufacturer.

Such distinction and such reputation are the humble products of Mahashila’s unflinching transparency and fairness of practice. By being a responsible aide to the manufacturer and a fair and just supplier to the retailer, Mahashila Jewellery builds a bridge between all those ubiquitous ends of the jewellery trade and closes gaps in the market that have till date been impossible challenges.



2nd Floor, 70/70A, Sheikh Memon Street,

Zaveri Bazar, Opposite-Bhagat Tarachand,

Mumbai - 400002.

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