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Melorra-August Jewellery Private Limited


Melorra Jewellery, headquartered in Bangalore, is a brand that has been redefining the landscape of modern jewelry since its inception since 2015.


 With a keen focus on contemporary design that resonates with the lifestyle of today's women, Melorra has carved a niche for itself in the highly competitive jewelry market. Combining style, elegance, and affordability, Melorra's creations are not just accessories but a statement of modern elegance.


The company operates from its corporate office in Bangalore and has established a significant presence both online and through select physical stores, including locations in HSR Layout and Brigade Orion Mall in the city. This strategic omnichannel approach allows Melorra to reach a wide audience, catering to the evolving tastes and preferences of women across India.


Melorra's product range is vast and versatile, offering everything from daily wear jewelry that complements the modern woman's wardrobe to exquisite pieces for special occasions. The brand takes pride in its craftsmanship, ensuring that each piece is not only aesthetically pleasing but also meets high-quality standards. The use of precious metals and gemstones combined with innovative designs makes Melorra's collections unique and sought after.


A significant part of Melorra's success story is its ability to keep pace with global fashion trends. The brand draws inspiration from international runway trends, translating them into wearable art that is both chic and accessible. This approach has helped Melorra to stand out in the market, offering fresh and trendy jewelry options that appeal to the fashion-forward consumer.


Melorra Jewellery is a testament to the evolution of jewelry design in India. With its focus on contemporary styles, quality craftsmanship, and accessibility, Melorra continues to enchant women across the country, making it a jewel in Bangalore's crown of modern retail brands.

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