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Monica Jewellers is an Retailer of Gold, Silver & Platinum Jewellery & semi precious stone in Surat, Gujarat. We believe in maintaining a high benchmark of purity and authenticity of gold and diamonds. All our jewellery carries the trusted BIS Hallmark assuring you of the gold purity in your product.

At Monica Jewellers, diamond jewellery and solitaires carries a certificate of authenticity from world-renowned laboratories such as IGI and GIA.

A jewellery certificate explicitly discloses the details of any item it accompanies, providing confidence to the buyer.

The value of a precious stone is determined by its gemological makeup, natural rarity and finished quality. Diamonds and gemstones of similar appearance can have significant differences in value. Even experts need powerful analytic tools to detect synthetics, treatments and enhancement processes.

With a motive to stand high on the visions of our patrons, we are indulged in providing a huge array of products to our patrons, which are in tandem with the comprehensively accredited standards of quality.


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