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My Sunar Jewels Private Limited


My Sunar is a company that has carved a unique niche in the domain of baby ear piercing, offering a hygienic, painless, and safe at-home service


With a rich legacy that speaks of tradition, My Sunar stands tall as a brand that employs skilled goldsmiths to carry out the ear-piercing process with utmost care and precision.


Catering to the needs of parents who wish to give their children a traditional touch in the comfort of their own homes, My Sunar ensures that the ear-piercing experience is not only stress-free but also memorable.


 The company prides itself on its ability to blend traditional practices with modern safety standards, ensuring that each piercing is performed with sterilized equipment and by professionals who understand the significance of this rite of passage.


The craftsmen from My Sunar are touted as Traditional Piercing Pandits, highlighting their expertise that has been passed down through generations. This lineage and expertise make My Sunar a trusted name among families seeking to uphold cultural rituals while also prioritizing their child's well-being.


In addition to their specialized baby ear piercing service, My Sunar's online presence suggests an inclination towards a broader range of jewelry services and products. Although specific details on the complete range of offerings are not readily available, it can be inferred that the company's foundation in traditional goldsmithing may extend to crafting and selling jewelry pieces infused with cultural significance.


My Sunar's commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their approach to service delivery. By providing at-home services, they not only ensure convenience but also personalize the experience, making it less intimidating for infants and children undergoing ear piercing.

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