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N. W. Shamsett Jewellers are in the business of jewellery from generations since our great great grand father's time. Mr. Sham was a goldsmith his son Vithal started our establishment by the name of Vithal Shamsheth he was in the line of making and selling jewellery and was also a very good craftsman. After him his son Mr. Balwant was also a very good craftsmen and became popular with the british people who were ruling over India. As the Britishers could not pronounce Vithal Shamsheth, they use to call him Wittul Shamsett. He was also in the profession of Jewellery Mr.Balwant had five sons. Who grew up taking the challenges of those times and were into the trade of Jewellery and Watches. They were also known as Ghadialwale Zaveri as they had huge collection of watches. In those times smuggling of watches use to take place. So the brother”s decided to stop the trading of watches completely and continue to be Jewellers only.They had rich “Parsi” cliantle and also members of the Royal families. They expanded the business to a popular and a household name for trust.

Out of the five brothers “Late Shri Nanasaheb” our grand father was very famous in the Parsi clan and was known as Nanu bhai. There after our father Mr.Vasudev carried on the business on the same foot steps as his father did and now we Mr.Raju Bhai and Mr.Suyog Bhai are working on the same lines as our father and grand fathers did where we believe that a Jeweller has to be a friend and guide to customers because there are so many of duplicates and synthetics gems that a customer can easily be cheated. Maintaining the trust and a family bond between the regular customers and new ones coming in every day.


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We deal in Precious and semi precious Gems :- Pure Diamonds import, Color stones :- rubies emerealds sapphires, Real and cultured Pearls, 18 carat Precious and semi precious stone Jewellery, Traditional Indian jewellery, Gold ornaments on order basis, Astrology and Zodiac Gems, Zadav jewellery : new and old, Silver gift items, exclusive collection of marble and onyx flower vases, Antiques etc.


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