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Nanesh Diamonds - Wholesale Diamond Jeweler


Nanesh Diamonds Private Limited stands out as a distinguished exhibitor at the renowned IIJS shows, a platform that showcases India’s finest in jewelry craftsmanship. 


Based in Chennai, with its strategic location at NO.4/7, F2, Chennai 600017, the company excels in the design and manufacture of premium jewelry items.


The company is led by Prathick Kumar, who holds the designation of Director. Under his guidance, Nanesh Diamonds has carved a niche in the luxury jewelry market, specializing in an exquisite range of studded gold jewelry, studded diamond jewelry, and platinum jewelry. These pieces are not just accessories but are seen as investments and heirlooms, reflecting skilled craftsmanship and timeless designs.


At the IIJS shows, Nanesh Diamonds occupies a prime position in Hall 1, Stall No. 1C 79B, making it accessible for visitors and potential business partners. The company’s product portfolio is diverse, extending to subcategories such as rings, pendants, bracelets, bangles, necklaces, designer jewelry, and a unique collection named Tamanya. 


This variety ensures that they cater to a wide range of preferences and styles, thus attracting a diverse clientele.

Nanesh Diamonds is committed to maintaining high standards of quality and innovation. The company frequently participates in major trade shows, which allows it to stay ahead of industry trends and continually evolve its product offerings. 


This proactive approach has helped Nanesh Diamonds build a strong reputation within the jewelry industry both nationally and internationally.


For further information or inquiries, interested parties can contact them directly via email at or phone at 4443552600. Whether you are a potential customer or a business looking for exquisite jewelry pieces, Nanesh Diamonds promises excellence and exclusivity in every creation.

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