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Prakash Jewellers - Temple of Gold Jewellery


Since 1989, Prakash Jewellers has offered masterpieces – new and alluring products unsurpassed in their brilliance in Karnataka region.


We dedicate ourselves to customised and exquisitely handcrafted jewellery, wrought from a deep understanding of the art of jewellery making, the art of keeping tradition alive and the art of embracing the new.


We specialise in Gold, Silver, Diamond, Precious Gem Stones & custom made Coins. Most of Bangalore’s jewellery loving crowd is swearing by our lovely collections. Our range of wedding jewellery, antique jewellery, the diamond vivaha collection and our own collections are truly breath taking.


 Their collection features a wide range of stunning designs crafted from the highest quality gemstones, diamonds and precious metals. Each piece is designed with exquisite attention to detail and craftsmanship, creating timeless pieces that will be cherished for generations.


The collection includes everything from classic earrings and necklaces to bold statement pieces. Every item is handcrafted with a commitment to excellence by some of the best artisans in India. The collection also includes special pieces such as bridal sets and engagement rings, making it perfect for any special occasion or milestone in life.


Prakash Jewellers Bangalore has a strong commitment to customer service and satisfaction which makes them stand out amongst other jewelers in the city.


Our mission is to build  the employee friendly  workplace for any professional in the industry.

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