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A luxury store in PUNE where all our exquisite jewellery is handcrafted to perfection. Rathod Jewellers especially caters in GOLD| POLKI| DIAMOND


Established in 1972, Rathod Jewellers is the vision of 3 brothers - Mr Naresh Rathod, Mr Manoj Rathod and Mr Sanjay Rathod, who came together with their vision, their aspirations and their dedication to handcraft rare and showcase unique jewellery making Rathod Jewellers one of the biggest jewellery names in Pune.

Their first store was opened in Raviwar Peth, and as time went by, their patrons associated beautiful and meticulously made jewellery with their name - a goodwill that the brothers created for the brand through years of hard work.

As their patrons grew, Rathod Jewellers opened their second store at Laxmi Road, the heart of Pune city. With skilled craftsmen, in-house designers, and of course, their love for making beautiful jewellery, Rathod Jewellers has given us some of the finest gems in jewellery making. Their Bridal, Western, Kundan and Antique jewellery collection is testament to this fact, plus their Solitaire range is quite simply unparalleled. Not to mention their intricately designed Signature jewellery that is the jewel in the crown.

Carrying their legacy forward,

Jignesh Rathod (GIA Gemologist) and Tanay Rathod (GIA Gemologist) brought new and fresh ideas to the table, their love for jewellery and dedication to move the brand forward is manifested in the work they put in.

Rathod Jewellers opened their 3rd and largest store at Bund Garden Road in 2014. Today, their wide collection of jewellery from rings and necklaces to bracelets and pendants, all embody a very contemporary take on India's traditional art of jewellery making. Simply put, they craft jewellery that gives you the best of both worlds

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