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Riddhi Corporation LLP


Riddhi Corporation LLP, is  a leading manufacturer, wholesaler, and supplier of HPHT lab-grown diamonds in India & USA. We possess the capacity to supply all sizes of Type IIA, conflict-free, and ethically manufactured, certified HPHT lab-grown diamonds to B2B clienteles, retailers, and jewelry traders globally. We guarantee the supply of these genuine diamonds at the most competitive prices while maintaining consistent quality and quantity.

We offer a wide variety of diamond shapes, including brilliant round, cushion, heart, marquise, pear, princess, radiant, square radiant, emerald, and oval. Our diamonds range in clarity up to FL, with excellent cuts, and sizes from -2 (star melee) to 50 carats. We also supply fancy colored lab diamonds wholesale in a diverse range of colors, including yellow, pink, orange, black, purple, Argyle, blue, green, red, violet, and grey

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