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A passion for jewelry and the love of fine craftsmanship and designs is what gave birth to The Romil Group. Way back in 1972, a visionary by the name of Mr. Himat Vora came to Mumbai (then Bombay) to take a chance and create his fortune in the diamond industry. Over the next two decades, he mastered his trade in a jewelry-making unit in Mumbai.


Smitten by entrepreneurial ambitions and the urge to create something new and stunning in the world of jewelry, Mr. Vora decided it was time to take off on his own and start a legacy of what we know as The Romil Group.


When business commenced in 2003, we were primarily in the designing and exporting business. Most of the jewelry created was exported to markets in the US. In 2009 we set up our first jewelry office that catered to the local market. As the business grew it was time to introduce the world to what we are renowned for, craftsmanship and innovative designs. In December 2011, we started our own manufacturing facility and as the world took notice of our designs we set up our second facility in 2012 which was bigger than the first and housed everything in the jewelry-making process right from conceptualization to design to manufacturing. In a short span of time, we have seen tremendous growth which solely rests on our innovative ideas and the need for something new every time. And this is just the beginning.

The Romil logo is a mirror reflection of who we are and what we do. It's a symbol of our success story and a work of art in its own way! The prancing Pegasus signifies the giant leaps we have taken in terms of our growth and the way we do business.

Just below the word ‘Romil’ are three words that describe us the best. 'Imagination' stands for the courage to do something out of the box every time, ‘Innovation’ for the way approach every piece of jewelry, and finally ‘Ingenuity’ for being original and setting our own trends rather than following the set patterns.


Romil has Exciting Career opportunities available across the world for team players who are committed to exceptional customer service and quality results.


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