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The biggest mistake people make today is buying a diamond at less price and with inaccurate certificates doing rounds in the market it is only making it worse for the customers. The originality of a diamond is the most important factor and price depends on the 4Cs ,which are Carat Weight, Colour Grade, Clarity Grade and Cut Grade. And as a consumer most people ignore The Cut and as a result the scintillation and light return is compromised and they end up with a lesser valuable diamond.

The Eye for a diamond“ is not easy to acquire and I am a firm believer that it’s a god’s gift and after 30 years of grading diamonds, the best moment came when I was hired as a consultant with Govt. of United Andhrapradesh to train the government officers on diamond grading for identifying the genuinty of diamonds being mined from Vajra Karur mines and Golconda Mines. This was a such a great honour and recognition to the work I did.

Once I was travelling for an international show in Hong Kong and there was a moment when a Burmese Ruby was being gifted to someone. I was given the Ruby to grade and just by looking at the Ruby I realised that the Ruby was a heated Ruby and was being sold to my friend at 4 times the higher price and that’s when I decided to officially get this certified and saved the customer few lakhs. There are umpteen such moments that make me passionate about consumers education towards the diamond and at Rysun Jewels, we take care of such grading for every customer however small or big the purchase may be.

At Rysun Jewels, we have incorporated these best practices over the last few years and realised that there is a gap in the market for customer education on accurate diamond purchase. Rysun - An amalgamation of the words ‘rising’ and ‘sun’, this word is a metaphor for power and optimism that drives the consumer towards a well deserved value.

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