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SGL Labs - Certification Agency


SGL Labs, established in 2007, has emerged as a leading force in the international diamond and gemstone certification and grading industry. 


With a presence in India, London, Dubai, New York and additional locations worldwide, the company has solidified its reputation through its commitment to integrity, quality, and innovation. SGL stands for Solitaire Gemmological Laboratories, a name that reflects its dedication to excellence in the evaluation of precious stones.


At the heart of SGL Labs is its state-of-the-art analytical infrastructure, which employs the latest scientific techniques and equipment to assess diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry. 


The lab specializes in a range of report services including Diamond Reports, Lab Grown Diamond Reports, Jewelry Reports, Lab Grown Jewelry Reports, and Gemstone Reports. Unique to SGL is its array of additional services such as Hearts & Arrows, Laser Inscription, Sealing, and the Dia Screen for distinguishing between CVD, HPHT lab-grown diamonds, and natural diamonds.


SGL Labs is also at the forefront of sustainability and ethical sourcing in the jewelry industry, offering programs like EcoAssure™ for recycled gold certification and OriginAssure™ to certify ethically sourced diamonds. Furthermore, their Blockchain enabled reports provide an immutable audit trail from rough to polished diamonds, ensuring transparency and trust.


The company prides itself on its team of over 475 talented professionals across four countries, making it a truly international entity with a diversified and open-minded work environment. SGL's commitment to education is evident through its specialized courses aimed at professionals in the industry, covering topics from gemstone and diamond charter to retail product management.


With over 18 laboratories across the globe and having issued more than 0 certificates to satisfied clients, SGL Labs continues to pave the way in diamond and gemstone certification. Their dedication to certifying with integrity and commitment has made them a trusted partner for clients seeking assurance in the quality and origin of their precious stones.

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