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Shivam Jewels


Shivam Jewels is known for importing, processing and exporting diamonds to various other companies across the globe. We cater to a number of countries globally with the USA, Hong Kong, China and Israel being the top markets. To procure the rough diamond, we join hands with Russia, Belgium and Botswana turning those rough stones into the dazzling polished diamond that reaches you.


We, at Shivam, believe in blending modern techniques with our traditional values to transform stones into diamonds. You will immediately sense a touch of classic morals with contemporary methods giving an edge to our diamonds when associating with them.

We refine diamonds of different shapes and colors from 0.18 carat to over 10 carats. 


With our standardized regulations, Strict quality control and advanced technology, Shivam Jewels is proud to stand out in the diamond industry and is elated to bring the best of the lot to our customers.

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