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Shobha Shringar Jewellers Private Limited


With a legacy of rich 40 years, Shobha Shringar Jewellers captures the essence of a woman's multifaceted nature through its designer & luxury bridal jewellery. 


Shobha Shringar Jewellers offers intricate, modern & bold design patterns with wide range of Gold, Diamond & Polki Jewellery Collection that leaves you amazed. 


We as a brand, wish to make an impact with heirloom designs that stay unique across Generations. We use pearls like turquoise, coral, baroque and basra to create beautiful jewelry. We also have an enviable collection of diamond and gold jewelry under our name. 


We specialize in jewelry and our team is capable of customizing any piece of jewelry. We ensure we hallmark each and every piece of jewelry we make so as to prove the undisputed credibility of our products.


Shobha Shringar Jewellers, located in the vibrant city of Mumbai, is a renowned destination for exquisite jewelry and exceptional craftsmanship. With a legacy spanning several decades, Shobha Shringar Jewellers has established itself as a trusted name in the jewelry industry, known for its commitment to quality, unique designs, and personalized service.


At Shobha Shringar Jewellers, the art of jewelry making is elevated to new heights. Their team of skilled artisans brings together traditional techniques and contemporary aesthetics to create jewelry pieces that are a perfect blend of beauty and sophistication. From intricately crafted necklaces to stunning diamond-studded earrings, every creation showcases impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail.


What sets Shobha Shringar Jewellers apart is their wide range of jewelry collections that cater to various tastes and occasions. Whether it's bridal jewelry for the most special day of one's life or elegant pieces for everyday wear, their collections offer a diverse selection to suit different preferences. Each piece is thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted to capture the essence of elegance and luxury.


Moreover, Shobha Shringar Jewellers is committed to providing a personalized and memorable shopping experience. Their knowledgeable staff offers expert guidance and assistance, helping customers find the perfect piece of jewelry that complements their style and aspirations. With a focus on customer satisfaction, they strive to create a warm and welcoming environment for every visitor.


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