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Shringar House of Mangalsutra



“Our mangalsutras signify the sanctity of an eternal bond”

Mangalsutra, one of the sixteen adornments known as ‘Solah Shringar’ of the Indian bride is an ornament that attracts divine principle in highest proportions as well as embellished to enhance the beauty of marital bliss. The Thadeshwars found the mangalsutra as an essential jewellery highly unexplored and decided to specialise in the art of making exclusive mangalsutra designs without compromising its sacred and traditional values.

Shringar, popularly known as the House of Mangalsutra is a leading manufacturer offering versatile collection of masterly crafted designs in mangalsutra in various categories, name it and we have it. Shringar’s collections comprise of designs appealing to women across generations, communities, languages and states.

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