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Siriusjewels and Lifestyles Pvt Ltd


SiriusJewels and Lifestyles Pvt. Ltd. Is a private limited company registered under the company Act 2013, in India having its registered office in Surat City, Gujarat.

SiriusJewels, is the upscale Virtual Diamond Jewelry Brand focusing on providing Unique and Quality Finish Diamond Jewelry through its Official Website. Our product line fits nicely with trends nationwide –as individuals are seeking stylish lifestyle complimented by rare treasure of nature.

Based in the ‘Diamond City’ Surat, we craft jewellery with certified diamonds of the highest quality. Sirius jewels motive is to introduce the diamonds jewellery from ethnic to modern. We provide the most suitable luxury jewellery according to your budget without compromise and to make your occasion special and memorable. Our diamonds are cut and polished with exacting precision to create jewellery with designs that exhibit unrivaled symmetry and complexity. True to its name, Sirius, the brightest star in the sky; our ornaments are flashing and scintillating.

Our Diamonds and Diamond Jewellery are certified from IGI (International Gemmological Institute).

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