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Studio Renn is a Bombay-based jewelry design practice founded in 2018 by Rahul and Roshni Jhaveri. Years spent in the company of artists — in studios, galleries, and museums — studying and collecting art culminated in the Studio Renn, which was born out of the need to create and for self-expression. The precious wearables are beautifully imperfect – and are always a bit off-center.

True to the name Renn, which means reborn, or rebirth, the Studio explores concepts and perspectives and recreates the world of abstract ideas, objects, and feelings. This is the philosophy that guides Studio Renn, in pursuit of a creative space for experimentation and development of works of art, including jewelry.

The goal of all their collaborations is to allow us to explore the unknown. Because it is in that unknown that something groundbreaking can happen. Whatever stems from a collaboration should always be greater than what the individuals would have been able to achieve independent of each other. And what is created should have an identity of its own – a creation for creation’s sake – one that belongs to both and neither.

We possess a team of talented jewelry designers who constantly engage in setting innovative patterns that are both contemporary and distinct.


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