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Suvarnakala jewellers Private Limited


Suvarnakala, a journey that began in 1970, carried ahead its legacy to be one of the top notch brands for crafting gold, diamond and jadtar jewellery. 


Our name is synonymous with quality and precision, where all our master pieces narrate a sparkling and joyful story.  

A foresighted person, Mr. Soni Prakashchandra Shantilal achieved a great success by putting great efforts and in a span of four decades; Suvarnakala became a renowned retail jewellery showroom in Ahmedabad and achieved all its desired goals and endless dreams.

Suvarnakala believes in becoming a role model in the industry, thereby maintaining all the quality standards and making attractive gold, diamond and jadtar ornaments. Suvarnakala has purely understood that the ornament is the most important adore of a woman. 


Addition to this, we give a great importance to all the ornaments and design with care, quality control and state of art technology. We have been trying hard to provide always greater designed articles to our customers to make their selection easy from the large and huge quantity. So, obviously we consider ‘Suvarnakala’ as “The Pride of a Woman”.

At Suvarnakala Jewels, we believe in crafting nature’s most beautiful jewellery, thereby spreading our wings to an unstoppable journey that started years back.

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