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Syndoria Lab Grown Diamonds


“Lab-Grown Diamond Jewellery is brought to the market in order to provide royalty to each and every segment of human beings whilst preventing depletion of Earth which we all have in common”.

Syndiora bears great passion in heart to change the mundane way of how Indian women experience diamonds. It all started to fall into place when the founder Ms. Ankita Gupta dared to dream different. She wanted to pour life into her finest ideation of how every girl should be able to adorn a diamond without being tied up in the hustle and bustle of the hype. She thrived to break through the dark myths that engulfed diamond-dreams of every woman through time and tide.

She discovered that Lab-Grown Diamonds are the future of luxury, while following sustainability.

Later in 2018, Syndiora was born with a line up to produce real diamonds without having to hurt the natural resources. Every diamond jewellery manufactured at Syndiora is made of diamonds that has been analyzed and graded by trusted laboratory, so what you take home is nothing but the finest of all.

Syndiora’s Lab-Grown Diamond Jewellery undergoes thorough, independent evaluation. The Diamond Jewellery is certified by trusted laboratories and the elements of the diamonds such as Color, Clarity, length and width are described to the very minute detail. Our diamond experts evaluate, scrutinize and measure the diamonds using professional tools, such as a loupe or a microscope to ensure nothing less than best results.


Jobs at Syndiora

Diamond Designer

Diamond Assorter

CAD Engineer

Marketing manager


Work Details

Monday - Saturday(Strict timings)


Reach us @

Unit No. 815-A, A Wing, 

8th Floor, The Capital, 

Behind ICICI Building, 

Bandra Kurla Complex, 

Bandra (East), Mumbai - 400051.

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