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Takle Bandhu Saraf- Manufacturer of Necklace Set


Takle Bandhu Saraf has been Known for Purity and Surety in Nasik since 1910. Takle Family of Nashik, whose ancestry goes back to seventeenth century. 


One of the forefathers of Takle house was a key person, escorting the great Hindu Pandit Gaga Bhatt who presided the coronation ceremony of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in 1674. For precious jewellery, Takle Bandhu in Saraf Bazar, Nashik is a recognized name in the city.


With rich experience in the gems and jewellery business, this firm has become a celebrated name for stunning designs and collections. They are revered for their handpicked and exclusive designs that feature in their gold and diamond and silver jewellery collections. 


From classic styles to bespoke pieces, the fine craftsmanship highlights each precious piece of jewellery. Adding spark to every occasion, there is something for everyone and suitable for special events like weddings and ceremonies.


Mr Raghuraj Takle, is Partner of Takle Bandhu Saraf, he has completed Master’s Degree in Arts at Nashik. He joined and is actively engaged in the family business of jewellery from 1971. He is expert and experienced, in Silver and Gold creative work for temples and historical places. 


In his business career, he has held many organizational posts in jewellery business bodies at local and state level. He has always been proactive in various trade-related issues.


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