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Talisman Jewels Private Limited


Talisman Jewellery, with its vibrant and expressive online presence at, stands as a beacon of luxury in the realm of 925 Sterling Silver jewelry. 


Founded by the visionary team behind the award-winning jewelry group Keen Jade India LLP, Talisman brings over 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing high-end sterling silver pieces to a global audience. 


Recognized for its innovative production processes and efficiency, Keen Jade India LLP has cemented its status in the luxury jewelry market, servicing luxury retail outlets worldwide.


At the heart of Talisman's ethos is the belief that luxury should be accessible to everyone. By offering handcrafted pieces adorned with ethically sourced, genuine gemstones, Talisman democratizes the luxury jewelry experience. 


Each piece is a testament to Talisman's commitment to quality, featuring unique designs that are vibrant, colorful, and full of personality. Whether it's for a festival, office look, brunch date, or a night out with friends, Talisman's diverse collection ensures that there's something for every occasion.


Talisman distinguishes itself through its emphasis on personalization and the art of storytelling through jewelry. With over 1000 designs in their collection, customers are invited to create combinations that are uniquely theirs. This extensive range includes everything from stackable rings and statement earrings to personalized necklaces and charm bracelets, allowing for endless possibilities to express one's individual style.


Ethical sourcing and craftsmanship are cornerstones of the Talisman brand. Each gemstone is hand-selected for its unique qualities, and all pieces are crafted with precision to ensure longevity and resistance to breakage and rust. The use of pure silver and gold in their products not only speaks to their commitment to quality but also ensures that their jewelry is skin-friendly.


Talisman Jewellery invites you to explore their world of statement pieces, where each item is designed to complement your outfit and elevate your style. With Talisman, luxury is not just an accessory but an affordable extension of your personality.

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