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TC Jewellers is the premier jewelry manufacturer in Surat, India. Established in 2018, TC Jewellers has grown to become one of India's largest and most trusted manufacturers of fine jewelry. With a commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer service, TC Jewellers has earned a reputation for excellence and innovation within the jewelry industry.


The company offers an impressive selection of products across various categories including gold, diamond, silver and platinum jewellery. From earrings to necklaces and bracelets to pendants, each piece is tailored for maximum elegance and beauty. 


Additionally, the company's hallmark is its customization services which allow customers to personalize their jewellery pieces with unique designs that reflect their individual style or special occasion. We are offering a wide range of high quality fine jewellery that is accessible, affordable and forever wearable.


TC Jewellers is a jewelry business based out of Surat, India. It offers customers a wide array of jewelry designs and styles to choose from. The company also provides professional services such as jewelry repairs, custom design jobs and polishing.


Since its establishment, TC Jewellers has been consistently providing quality services to its customers with great attention to detail. From traditional Indian styles to modern contemporary looks, they have something for everyone. They are constantly innovating new designs that are sure to make the wearer dazzle on any special occasion. Their team of skilled craftsmen have years of experience in the field and guarantee exquisite results every time.


TC Jewellers also provides job opportunities for people looking for employment in the jewelry industry. Frequently we hire Sales Executives, Jewelry CAD Designers, Manual Designers, Production Supervisors and Retail Sales Executives for our flagship store in Surat.



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