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Thangamayil Jewellery Private Limited


Thangamayil Jewellery Ltd is one of the fastest growing companies in India, positioned in the market as a chain of retail jewellery stores across TamilNadu


Thangamayil Jewellery Limited has a chain of 47 retail jewellery showrooms in Tamil Nadu, India and is the largest such Jewellery network in Tamilnadu


The flagship store of TMJL is located at Nethaji Road in Madurai. With a total area of 11,416 square feet, it is the largest store among all our stores. The second and third showrooms were inaugurated at Rajapalayam and Dindigul respectively, before the company went public. 


Thangamayil turned public limited company in 2007. It released its maiden equity shares in 2010 and the shares were listed in Bombay Stock Exchange(BSE) Limited and National Stock Exchange(NSE) Limited. During the financial year 2019 - 20, 12 Thangamayil Plus new outlets had been opened to foster business growth and development, thereby increasing the total number of showrooms in the chain to 47. 


Today, the company boasts a total of 43,500 square feet in area, across all its 34 Thangamayil showrooms & 13 Thangamayil Plus Exclusive Silver Showrooms. Today Thangamayil takes pride in having several shareholders including mutual funds like SBI Magnum Balanced Fund in its fold.


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