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The CAD Co Jewellery Designing Company


The CAD Co. was started with the purpose to facilitate jewelry designers, manufacturers, and retailers to convert their ideas into high-quality 3D CAD designs, rendered images, video renders, and finished jewelry. We aim to be a one-stop destination for all jewelry-related services thus, making it extremely simple and feasible for jewelers around the world. 


Our purpose is to let you focus on your core competencies while we provide services that will help you enrich your customer experience. With our services, we want to empower the creative minds within the jewelry supply chain, by giving them the freedom to create and execute designs.


Through our 3D CAD design service, we give your idea a 3rd dimension which brings clarity to your design and enhances your manufacturing experience.

With our Visualisation service, we aim to provide you with the best digital design presentation of your jewelry designs and collections. Allow your customers to digitally experience your design through high-quality images and video animations.

Besides CAD and Visualisation, we also offer Jewelry Manufacturing for custom-made designs. Custom-made Jewelry is what every end-user wants to possess and hence, speedy turnaround is every jeweler’s dream. 


Our founder and team have been in the business of jewelry for over 20 years, with our ability and experience in the field, we completely understand the need for a quick turnaround with the finest quality and hence, we endeavor to turn every custom piece around in 7 working days.

Diamonds are the heart and most high-value component of jewelry manufacturing and we understand that they need to be sourced responsibly and at the right price hence, we can help you source the finest quality of diamonds at lower prices. With our focused service, experienced team of diamond buyers, and dedicated personnel, we offer you end-to-end jewelry manufacturing services. We ship these par excellence manufactured pieces that are intricately designed and custom-made worldwide.

Why us?
Our team of qualified and experienced designers meticulously works toward making your imagination come to life. With the help of our manual and digital designing capabilities, you can give your vision the wings it needs. We offer a quick turnaround time, keeping your requirements at the core of our execution process. We work with entrepreneurs around the globe and have a complete understanding of the jewelry lingo that each different international market demands hence, making it extremely convenient for our customers to communicate their requirements with us. Our enthusiasm and vigor to serve a solopreneur or a multinational company are indistinguishable. 

Send in your designs today to take your business to newer heights.


Typical Interview Process follows:-

Resume Submission

HR Round for Initial Screening

Technical Round with the Hiring Manager

Salary Discussion


The CAD Co. has a very less attrition rate and the benefits provided to the employees are, up to the market standard. The CAD Co. will have 3 months contract period for all employees who join our team & the Employee Benefits will be offered after the contract period only. 

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