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Tsukimi Jewels - Crafting Exquisite Jadau Jewellery


Tsukimi Jewels is a Jaipur based Premium Fashion Jewellery brand celebrating Purist Tradition and Unparalled quality of Indigenous Crafts since 1995.


TC Jewellers is a jewelry store based in Jaipur, India that offers an impressive selection of traditional and modern jewelry designs. The store boasts a wide variety of necklaces, earrings, rings and other pieces to suit any occasion. 


Its range of products encompasses a variety of precious metals and stones including gold, silver, diamond, ruby and emerald. 
Their signature designs combine contemporary trends with Indian heritage for timeless appeal that appeals to customers around the world. 


From intricately crafted nose pins and earrings to heavy necklaces and bangles - TC Jewellers offers something for everyone. Their team of skilled craftsmen ensure that each piece meets their exacting standards when it comes to quality. This family-run business has stood the test of time as a leader in its field since opening its doors over 30 years ago.


For those looking for unique and contemporary styles, TC Jewellers has something special to offer. Not only does this store carry exquisite jewelry items but also offers jobs for people interested in the industry. It provides traineeships as well as full-time positions focused on design, craftsmanship and sales – offering an opportunity for creative expression as well as business growth opportunities. 


TC Jewellers strives to combine modernity with tradition through hiring the best local artisans trained in traditional methods such as filigree work and stone setting.


Frequently hiring Jewelry Professionals for CAD Designing, Manual Designing and Production Executives for Jaipur location.

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