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Twyla Treasures


Jewellery born of twilight.

Brass and Gold Micron. Gender-Fluid. Hypoallergenic. Handcrafted and Handmade.

Bold, beautiful and memorable statement jewellery from Twyla Treasures


Boldness and power that is not afraid of the darkness that surrounds us.

Twyla is an inspired balance between traditional and contemporary just like an intermingle of darkness and light. The jewellery is luxury, made in a sustainable manner, ensuring less harm to the environment. Twyla endures, it screams you to vibe with your inner you, adorn it, and it becomes a part of you.

Our designs depict the potential to empower, made with utmost care and everlasting survival, it's made for those who aren’t fearful to highlight and grow strong in uncertainty. Twyla is as bold as the sun, light, nurturing and fierce.

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