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Uma Ornaments, Leading Jewellery Manufacturer


Uma Ornaments is a diamond jewelry production house, with over 15 years of experience in the industry based out Andheri East Mumbai.

We are catering to over 150 retailers across 65 cities, specializing in Light to mid range fine couture/fusion jewelry.


Uma Ornaments is a jewelry manufacturer based in India. Since its establishment in 1990, the brand has been praised for their unique designs and commitment to ethical production. Uma Ornaments stands out from other jewelry manufacturers due to its use of traditional Indian motifs and handcrafted artistry.


The company employs over 400 artisans who are experts in their respective craft disciplines. Each artisan is trained in the same practices that have been used by generations of jewelers before them, ensuring that each product from Uma Ornaments exudes quality and authenticity. 


Their attention to detail and dedication to creating beautiful pieces has made them one of the most sought after jewelry manufacturers in India today.


Uma Ornament specializes in producing jewelry for both men and women. From rings to necklaces and earrings, each piece of their signature collection is designed with the highest standards of craftsmanship in mind. Utilizing skilled artisans from around the world, 


Uma Ornament strives to create pieces that are unique and fashionable while also being affordable. Each item undergoes rigorous testing during production to ensure that each finished piece meets the company's high standards of quality.


Based out of Mumbai, we look for talented professionals in the Jewelry Industry.

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