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Zota Jewel - Exclusive Jewelry Collection


Zota Jewel, established in 2008 and based in Surat, Gujarat, India, has become a distinguished name in the diamond jewelry industry. 


With a history that traces back to 1983, the brand has built a reputation for crafting exquisite and innovative jewelry pieces. Zota Jewel is renowned for its unique approach to jewelry design, specializing in lightweight pieces that present a heavy, luxurious appearance. This distinctive style has made Zota Jewel a favorite among customers seeking elegance and sophistication in their jewelry.


The brand offers a wide array of jewelry categories including rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, chains, and more, catering to diverse tastes and occasions. From engagement rings symbolizing eternal love to dazzling necklaces and earrings for enhancing any ensemble, Zota Jewel’s collection is designed to meet individual customer desires. 


Their products span various price ranges, making high-quality diamond jewelry accessible to a broader audience.

Zota Jewel places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and loyalty. Their dedication is evident in their commitment to providing an extraordinary shopping experience. Each piece of jewelry reflects the brand's core values of perfection and sophistication. Zota Jewel also offers customizing options, allowing customers to have pieces tailored to their specific preferences.


Recognition for their excellence came in 2021 when Zota Jewel was honored with the title of "The Best Diamond Jeweller of Surat" by Heena Khan at the National Achievers Awards in Delhi. This accolade is a testament to the brand's commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service.


Zota Jewel ensures customer confidence through guarantees such as BIS Hallmark jewelry, certified natural diamonds, a guaranteed buyback policy, complete transparency in transactions, and lifetime maintenance for their pieces. 


Their dedication to creating enduring heirlooms and forging lasting connections with their clientele sets Zota Jewel apart as a leader in the diamond jewelry industry.

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