Immediate need for a Jewelry Production manager at Dwarkas Gems

Dwarkas Gems
Immediate need for a Jewelry Production manager
Job Type:Full Time
Full Time
Upto 40K per month
Posted a year ago
Industry :
Jewellery / Manufacturing
Skills Required :
Production Mgr., Product Development

Dwarkas is looking to hire Production Manager for the Jaipur office. The Production Manager –Jewelry is responsible for managing the production of jewelry from concept to completion. 


Production managers are at the heart of any jewelry production process. As a production manager, you will be responsible for organizing, controlling and monitoring projects related to jewelry manufacturing. You must possess strong technical knowledge of the materials and methods used in jewelry production as well as excellent organizational skills.

You will be expected to manage all aspects of the jewelry production process from raw material preparation to product assembly, packaging and delivery. You will also collaborate with other departments such as design and marketing to ensure that products meet customer requirements and adhere to set quality standards. In addition, you must monitor shop floor activities and resolve any issues that may arise during production. Your job is essential for controlling costs, meeting deadlines and ensuring efficient operation of the entire system.


This includes overseeing the design, manufacturing, and quality assurance processes to ensure efficient and effective production.


Production Manager Job Responsibilities: 

• Oversee the design, manufacturing, and quality assurance processes of jewelry production.
• Develop and maintain production schedules and timelines. 
• Monitor production costs and take corrective action when necessary. 
• Supervise a team of designers, technicians, and craftspeople. 
• Maintain communication between departments to ensure smooth operations. 
• Ensure safety protocols are maintained during the production process. 
• Develop strategies to optimize productivity and reduce costs. 
• Monitor industry trends and identify areas for improvement. 
• Prepare reports on production progress and present them to management.

• Supervise and mentor a team of jewelry production staff 
• Lead problem-solving initiatives, identify areas of improvement and collaborate with other departments to ensure efficient operations 
• Adhere to safety protocols and ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations


Production Manager Job Requirements: 

• Bachelor’s degree in jewelry design or related field

• Fluent in English Communication Skills



Production Manager Interview Process: 

HR Round

In Person Technical Round


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