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7 Most Frequently Asked Questions in Jewelry Industry

The Mintly Team

The Mintly Team

May 27, 2022

Do you know that the gems and jewelry sector is one of the most profitable sectors in India? The jewelry industry alone contributes about 6-7 percent of the GDP of the country and employs over 2.5 million workers. There are an insurmountable number of career opportunities available, ranging from design, and goldsmith, to sales and marketing. Are you a creative person who enjoys crafting jewelry? Do you want to begin your career in one of the top jewelry brands in the percent? Find out what you must know about earning your dream job in the games and jewelry industry.

The Gems and Jewellery industry is a sector with high potential. The industry has immense scope for growth, fueled by both domestic and export demands. Over time, the industry has been seen as one of the most lucrative industries that have been on a steady growth. However, it is also highly competitive and one needs to have a strong foundation to rise and be successful in this industry.

With the right knowledge gained through a jewelry designing course <hyperlink> and by understanding the world of jewelry, you can have a profitable career through your craft. Here are the seven most often asked questions about jobs in the jewelry industry.

Question 1: How do I get ahead in the jewelry industry?

The jewelry industry is dynamic, offering a variety of rewarding employment opportunities. However, it is also very competitive and offers opportunities to those who come with the proper knowledge of the field they are in. Where do you start when you are trying to structure your career in the jewelry industry?

Know your options:

The industry has a wide range of career opportunities from designing, and crafting, to managing stores and selling products. Knowing what each of these positions involves and offers will help you understand where your interest lies and allow you to build your career in that direction.

Plan your career progression:

Once you know what you want to do in the jewelry industry, plan your career progression and acquire the required knowledge. With a jewelry designing course at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, you will be able to execute your creative design inspiration into materialistic and eye-catching jewelry pieces. Moreover, in-depth knowledge in particular fields like metallurgy or marketing will leave you better informed to assist customers in this field.

Alternatively, you can also start as a sales assistant and work your way up the ladder with time and experience. Either way, thinking about the route you would want to choose will help you prepare better for your dream job.

Identify the skills you would need:

To be successful in the field you choose, it is essential to have the necessary skill sets. For instance, in customer-centric roles, you must have the skills to greet customers and advise and assist them in selecting their gems to make a complete purchase. Likewise, if you are into designing, having a sound knowledge about computers with strong visual prowess will help you convert your ideas into masterpieces.

Gain experience:

To get into the top jewelry business, you must first gain enough experience. Look out for internships and diploma certificate courses that can help you upscale your skills. Most importantly, understand your product. Having even the basic knowledge of gemology is a great initial step that will help you assist the customers.

Question 2: What skills do I need to be a jewelry designer in the industry?

The gems and precious stone industry is filled with opportunities for those with the right skill sets. Here are some of the most important skills you will require in this industry:

  1. Visual Imagination – A strong imaginative prowess will help you envision your jewelry pieces well. These are also the basic qualifications you need to possess to ideate and create your designs and witness them being admired by your customers.
  2. Eye for quality – For an expensive product like gold, diamond, or silver, perfection is utterly important. You must have a keen eye for perfection with fine art skills.
  3. Creativity – there is no point in replicating jewelry designs created by others if you want to gain a name in this industry. You must have the ability to think creatively and possess the ability to innovate and create.
  4. Knowledge about different gems and metals – manufacturing jewelry involves a lot of cost management and understanding of the metals. Along with that, there is the task of pricing the products to be sold. Sound knowledge about the various types of gems and metals can be highly helpful.
  5. Understanding the market trends -the jewelry market is forever evolving and changing. Hence, it is essential to understand the past and the present jewelry fashion trends to come up with unique designs in the future. If you are conscious of the way the cost of a certain product or metal or whether there is a trend for heavy jewelry or light fine jewelry, then it will benefit you in your jewelry production.
  6. Knowledge of Computer-Aided Designing (CAD) – If you are into designing, then a sound knowledge of Computer-aided Designing (CAD) will be of added value.

Question 3: Is jewelry designing hard?

It might sound like a toilsome task to design jewelry pieces, but the reality is far from the word difficult. If creative thinking is your specialty and you have an interest in art and craft, then designing can be your cup of tea. All you need is:

  • A unique design idea that other brands haven’t discovered
  • Understanding the market and the current fashion trend
  • Basic knowledge of computer-based jewelry designing skills
  • Innovative ways to sell your skills.

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Question 4: Most stressful part about working in the jewelry retail store?

While the jewelry industry is huge when it comes to offering opportunities in terms of job options, it is not always like walking on a cake. Especially for customer-centric roles. Jewelry making is an art that involves emotions. Each piece of jewelry tells a story or becomes part of someone’s story. Hence, a customer needs to get emotionally connected with the pieces of jewelry that they are buying.

Only a good salesperson with experience can help such customers make the right choice and get the best deal for the pieces they invest in. Hence, customer-centric roles like marketing, sales, and customer assistance can at times get very tiring. They define the values and motto of the jewelry brand and one needs to be extra cautious.

Question 5. What are the working hours in a jewelry store?

The working hours vary from store to store and from role to role. If you are into sales, then your working hours may depend on the conditions set by that particular jewelry industry. If you are working in an independent retail store or a jewelry boutique, then your working hours will vary according to the timing of the stores.

Question 6. Which software is used in Jewellery designing?

In jewelry design, the accuracy of the design is of paramount importance. Hence, today with the help of technology, traditional designing can be replaced with computer-aided designing, also known as CAD. A CAD design software lets a designer work on artistic aspects of jewelry design such as displacement, organic shapes, and texture painting.

Once done, the 3D model design gets printed and then manufactured. There are various CAD designing tools available that any designer can use to create their own designs.


RhinoGold is a popular software used in architecture and industrial designs. The software helps create complex and precise models and is a great help for all kinds of designers. In the jewelry industry designing, its software is useful in creating very minute designs and patterns that help build a unique design from scratch and uses pre-installed templates and tools to create designs.


Matrix is a well-known and effective CAD software specifically designed for jewelry makers to create stunning and unique jewelry designs. The CAD program is designed especially for those working in the field of art and design, but you need to be experienced in modeling to use this one as it is a complex tool.

Moment of Inspiration

Moment of Inspiration (also known as MoI), is a little similar to Rhino but much cheaper. It has fewer functionalities and plugins but is inclusive of all the basic tools to design jewelry from scratch.


Made by designers, for designers, 3Design is yet another CAD software entirely dedicated to jewelry design.


3Shaper is a sculpting and free-form modeler that allows designers to use their artistic skills while designing and shaping their 3D models

Zbrush and Sculptris

Zbrush is a digital sculpting tool that allows designers to model, paint, and texture the object that they are planning to print in 3D. The software uses “3D pixels” technology to obtain high-resolution models. On the other hand, Sculptris is also created by the same developers but is a much more trimmed-down version of Zbrush in terms of generating more polygons.

Question 7: Is Jewellery designing a secured and good career option?

Jewelry designing is a highly rewarding career for anyone with an interest in designing, art, and creating crafts. The profession is one of the oldest in India and very promising. An individual who has a great sense of fashion and trends and pays attention to details is an ideal candidate for a role in the jewelry industry. The best part is that with a jewelry designing course, you will have ample opportunities both in the private and public sectors. Along with jobs in the core jewelry industry, you can also explore opportunities in the fashion industry, art and craft, and many more.

Final Thoughts

The jewelry industry is filled with curious buyers who have a multitude of questions. In this blog, we have addressed the 7 most frequently asked questions in the jewelry industry. From understanding the different types of metals used in jewelry to knowing how to take proper care of your precious gems, we have covered it all.

By providing clear and concise answers to these common queries, we hope to empower jewelry enthusiasts to make informed decisions when purchasing or maintaining their jewelry. Remember, knowledge is key when it comes to buying and caring for jewelry. By addressing these frequently asked questions, we aim to enhance your understanding of the jewelry industry.

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