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“Fashion jewellery” refers to any jewelry that is not made from precious metals. It is sometimes called “costume jewelry,” and is often made from base metals, such as brass, copper, or aluminum.

Terminologies of fashion jewellery

It is also known as artificial jewellery, imitation jewelry, imitated jewelry, trinkets, fashion jewellery, junk jewelry, fake jewelry, or fallalery.

Beautiful Fashion Jewellery With Precious Stones Pearls And Diamonds For Women Many Precious Shiny Jewelery From Yellow And White Gold Trendy Glamorous Jewel Set Necklace Earrings Rings Chains Brooches Stock Photo -One might never be able to make it or buy it with real metals because it ultimately increases the cost of heavy-cost metal jewellery.  Fashion Jewellery also called Costume Jewellery was manufactured as ornamentation to complement the outfits. Outfits, back in the 20th century were called “Costume” and hence ornaments used to complement the garments were called Costume Jewellery.

However, with time this has changed to Fashion Jewellery because more than clothes, people wear Fashion these days. Earlier this type of jewelry was made up of simulated gemstones, which were set in silver, nickel, or brass. Fashion Jewellery is made out of base metals like copper, aluminum, brass, etc, and simulated stones. Along with the above-mentioned metals, fashion jewellery is also made with different types of stones like Cubic Zirconia, Kundan, Vilandi, etc.

Why go for Fashion Jewellery?

Fashion jewellery has become a central part of our lifestyles these days. A lot of our outfits are usually enhanced with the use of stunning jewelry that makes the outfit what it really is. These have been worn since times immemorial and they are here to stay. We all love jewelry but often, it gets difficult to afford original jewellery. Thus, we have to resort to an artificial one, which is okay!

In such conditions one always looks for alternatives, one such alternative is artificial jewellery. The benefits of artificial fashion jewellery are such as versatility, variety, long-lasting, safety and security, and affordable prices. One can have different fashion jewellery pieces for each outfit.

Every woman has the same desire of owning different pieces of jewellery which they can flaunt. This is one of the reasons for the increase in demand for fashion jewellery. If we go back in time, buying or owning a piece of jewellery was not that important but today it is in trend and even considered smart. There’s a large population that creates demand for artificial jewels. There are plenty of online platforms to satisfy this demand.

Latest trends in Fashion & Jewellery Industry

Fashion jewellery is an accessory which you can wear with your outfit. It can be a necklace set, earrings, hand panja, payal, and a nose ring. Opposite to real jewelry which is expensive enough to dig a hole in your pocket, fashion jewellery is quite low on budget and comes with varieties of designs, variations, and colors.

Keeping up with the style and upcoming trends, one may not feel like spending a lot on jewelry every now and then. For such ladies, the best option is to always go for affordable and best-quality fashion jewellery. And with evolution in almost everything, there is an evolution in shopping too. Now you can have the best jewelry pieces at your doorstep without even moving. 

Online Jewellery Purchase Brands

There are a lot of online stores that are selling their products and are changing the game of online fashion jewellery completely. With their spell-binding designs and exciting prices, they are attracting a substantial amount of customers on the internet. Also, jewelry has become an utterly prevalent part of our culture and everyone is wearing it now.

Thanks to the fashion scene on social media these days, now everyone is obsessed with jewellery and accessories. But what is also very true is that not a lot of people can afford real jewelry and cannot be worn for your everyday style. As a result, people are styling more fashion jewellery with their outfits.

Brands online are absorbing this very fact and thus, are creating stunning pieces of fashionable artificial jewellery to cater to the rising demands in the masses. There are a lot of brands that are currently catering to a big part of the population that is buying artificial jewellery on the internet. And they are doing a pretty good job, hands down! Below are mentioned some of the best online fashion jewellery brands that can be trusted and offer great service.


YouBella Jewellery Earrings The designer fashion jewellery at YOUBELLA is available in various designs and patterns like floral design, heart shape design, dancing peacock, crystal design, etc. The jewellery in trend is statement jewelry much adored by women of all age.

It has a huge collection of designer imitation jewellery like the American diamond jewellery collection, the gold plated jewellery, temple jewellery, valentine collection, jewelry combos at a discounted price with easy return and various payment options such as cash on delivery.


Miorah Official A leading brand of designer semi-precious and imitation jewellery, MIORAH is a fusion of Indian ethnic and contemporary styles designed for the stunning, progressive, and empowered women of today. It is for them who love being noticed and have a very individual sense of style. The USP of the brand is its unique, sophisticated, and bold designs available in premium quality and are affordable. The imitation designer jewellery that will go with your outfit and style up your fashion statement with variable designs and patterns to give you an elegant look is available here.

They have fashionable and traditional pieces of jewelry to serve you for every occasion! Also, their collection is pretty affordable so you do not have to spend a lot of your money on buying from them.


Outhouse Fashion Jewellery, Lodhi Road Co-founded by Kaabia And Sasha Grewal, Outhouse Jewellery is India’s leading bridge jewellery house that crafts classic combinations of shapes and symbols of Indian and International cultures, moods, and fashion. They love experimenting with materials like Swarovski, semi-precious stones, leather, and metals. You can make it your unconventional jewellery brand by adorning their oh-so-different bridal jewelry pieces perfect for destination weddings.


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Best in its own right, Fab India is a brand that is opening up ways for people to style themselves in a contemporarily chic way. They have elegant pieces of styling essentials like clothing, footwear, and jewelry that can take your fashion quotient to another level. Their range of products is usually sophisticated and elegant. You could buy from them if you are looking for some minimally fashionable pieces of artificial jewellery. 


JAYPORE, a brand known for its quality work in the lifestyle business, has a lot to offer to its customers. They have artisanal pieces of elegant and splendid jewelry that cannot be missed. 


This brand is another very popular one in the jewelry world. It has gorgeous pieces of fashion jewellery that are nothing less than artworks.


Another popular name in the jewellery world is CILORY. Their collection is super fresh and their designs are so intricate that you will fall in love! They have ornate jewelry to make your ensemble a little too splendid to just gaze at for once. You should definitely check out their website!

GIVA Jewellery

This brand is also one of the most sought-after brands known for jewellery. They have an intricate collection of jewelry designed to give your personality a dash of elegance and sophistication. Their designs are for everyone. They make amazing artificial jewelry that goes with most of your outfits.

 GIVA 925 Sterling Silver Tree of Life Rose Gold Necklace

The look and finishing of each piece of jewellery are so fine that it is almost unrecognizable to identify if the piece is real or artificial. They recently launched a new collection with the name VIVAH, especially for weddings and brides. They never fail to disappoint with their super affordable prices because of such credibility they are also promoted by ACHAL JEWELS. There are many other competitive online platforms such as BlueStone, Sukkhi, Nakshatra, etc.



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