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Top 10 Jewellery Franchises in India

Shreya Matta

Shreya Matta

July 21, 2022

Starting a new venture is one of the most difficult decisions and phases to go through for an individual. Jewellery is an item that has never gone out of fashion, instead, during desperate times, the industry has always seen a rise in demand and sales. Be it as a gift, for functions, marriages, festivals, and so on, everyone prefers and decides on jewellery as their choice.

Infact women store jewellery as their asset and a token of a gift from their loved ones and fancy even more of them. Hence, starting a Jewellery business is profitable for every business owner, even better than that is the idea of having jewellery franchises of a well-known Jewellery brand. 

Meaning of Franchise Business

According to its literal definition, ‘Franchise meaning is an arrangement in which a company sells another business the right to sell its  products or services in return for a decided payment.’ In a Franchise business, the significant benefit goes to the franchisor, as he or she has their own business outlet in a different region through a different business owner. How franchises work?

As for a franchisee, the owner gets to keep profits by selling the products of a brand that is well-known amongst the people and has an already established Customer base in the market.

Jewellery is said to be a woman’s best friend as she prefers investing a lot of money in buying it. Gold, silver, diamond, and platinum jewellery items never go out of fashion. This article will highlight the Top 10 Jewellery Franchise in India that has recorded the highest popularity.

This is a primary reason that marks high sales in jewellery shops across the nation. Therefore, investors can get the best Jewellery Franchise and earn a lot of revenue through it. Other mandatory requirements include computers connected to the internet, a billing counter, a product display section, CCTV, and AC. . Business owners have to rent or own an area of 2000 to 5000 sq. ft. and appoint 5 to 9 staff members to run this outlet. He will have to set up the outlet in 1000 to 1500 sq. ft. area and employ 6 to 10 staff members.

Top 10 Jewellery Franchise Brands for Business

This portion of the article will throw light on the Top 10 Jewellery Franchises in the nation. They are Tanishq, Kalyan Jewellers, Bluestone, Nakshatra Diamonds, Senco Gold, Gili, PC Jewellers, Gitanjali Jewels, JewelSouk, and Asmi Diamond Jewellery.

PNG Jewellers Franchise Opportunity - Franchise India

Tanishq – Best Jewellery Franchise in India

Founded by Bengaluru-based entrepreneur Xerxes Desai in 1994, Tanishq is the best Jewellery Franchise in India. It has over 200 franchise outlets in different cities, recording a huge turnover yearly. Investors will have to spend around ₹ 1.5 crores to 3 crores to get this jewellery franchise. The franchisor claims 25% of the revenue earned by a franchise outlet. The minimum area required for being eligible is between 2000 sq. ft to 5000 sq. ft, with a staff of 6 to 9 members.

If you are someone looking for career break through, check Tanishq Jobs. They have opportunities across Retail Stores and Franchise Stores.

Kalyan Jewellers – Top Jewellery Franchise in India

Kalyan Jewellers is a popular jewellery brand and one of the Top Jewellery Franchises in India. T. S. Kalyanaraman founded it in 1993, and the first outlet was opened in Thrissur. Today, this jewellery store has around 20 outlets in different parts of the nation. The one-time franchise fee is around ₹ 5L, and the infrastructural investment will range between ₹ 50 Lacs and 1 Crore.

The franchisee of Kalyan Jewellers has to share 4% of the total revenue earned by him. The minimum area required for this franchise is between 1000 to 1500 sq. ft of area and the required staff members are around 10.

Kalyan offers the best opportunities to get into the Jewelry Industry. Many jobs are open across Kalyan Stores in India and UAE.

Bluestone – Top 10 Jewellery Franchise in India

Bangalore-based business owner Gaurav Singh Kushwaha founded Bluestone in 2011. It is one of the Top 10 Jewellery Franchises in India, with around 10 outlets across the nation. The one-time franchise fee for 5 years is ₹ 5 lacs, and the infrastructural investment involved is between ₹ 1 crore and 2 crores. This franchisor claims 10% of the revenue made by a franchise outlet and the minimum area required lies between 600 to 100 sq. ft.

Bluestone offers the  Job openings for Retail Sales Executives,  Store Manager and other roles in India.

Nakshatra Diamonds – Best Jewellery Franchise to Invest in:

Nakshatra Diamonds is counted among the Best Jewellery Franchises to invest in. It was founded by Prafulchandra Patel in 2011 and has over 200 stores across the nation at present. Investors can get this franchise for 3 years with a one-time fee, and they will have to invest ₹ 1 crore to 3 crores for infrastructural purposes. A Nakshatra Diamonds franchise owner has to share 20% of the revenue earned with the franchisor. The outlet is required to have a staff of 8 members and the minimum area requirement for the store should be between 500 to 1000 sq. ft.  

Senco Gold – Top Jewellery Franchises to Invest

Senco Gold is one of the jewellery chains in Eastern India, spreading its wings across the biggest nation with over 50 outlets. Founded by Prabhat Chand Sen, Shaankar Sen, and Suvankar Sen in 1950, it is considered a Top Jewellery Franchise to Invest in Business owners will have to invest around ₹ 1 Crore to 5 Crores to set up the infrastructure of this jewellery store. This franchisor takes 2% of the total revenue earned by a franchisee. 

Gitanjali Jewels – Top Jewellery Franchises to buy

The 5th among the Top Jewellery Franchises to buy is Gitanjali Jewels. It was set up by Mehul Choksi in 1966 and currently has over 200 franchise outlets nationwide. Investors can get this franchise for 3 years by paying a one-time fee of ₹ 5 lacs, and the infrastructural investment amount ranges between ₹ 1 crore and 2 crores. A franchise owner of Gitanjali Jewels can retain up to 96% of the total revenue earned. The minimum required area for this Franchise ranges between 500 to 2000 sq. ft and the minimum staff members required at the outlet is around 6 to 10 members. 

Gili – Top 10 Jewellery Franchises to Invest

Gili is a venture of Mumbai-based entrepreneur Dhanesh Vrajlal Sheth. It was founded in 1994 and currently has around 10 to 20 franchise outlets all over India. Gili is one of the Top 10 Jewellery Franchises to Invest in that offers a 5-years franchise for a one-time fee of ₹ 4 lacs to 7 lacs. The infrastructural investment will sum up between ₹ 1 crore and 3 crores. The franchisee needs to share 15% of the total revenue with this franchisor. 

PC Jewellers – Best Jewellery Franchise to buy

Founded by Padam Chand Gupta in 2005, PC Jewellers is one of the Best Jewellery Franchises in buy. It has around 10 to 20 franchise outlets across the nation. However, investors need ₹ 5 crores to 10 crores to set up the infrastructure.PC Jewellers franchisor claims 35% to 20% of the revenue collected by a franchisee. The minimum required area for this Franchise ranges between 600 to 1200 sq. ft and employees headcount of 3 to 8.

JewelSouk – Top 10 Jewellery Franchises to buy

JewelSouk is a venture of Sudhirbhai Ambalal Mehta and is counted among the Top 10 Jewellery Franchises to buy. Its first outlet was opened in Mumbai in 1989, and presently, the jewellery brand has around 12 franchise outlets across the nation. The one-time franchise fee for 5 years is ₹ 1L to 2L, and the infrastructural investment involved is between ₹ 20 to 30L. The franchisor takes 20% of the total revenue earned by a franchisee.

Asmi Diamond Jewellery – Best Jewellery Franchise

Asmi Diamond Jeweller is one of the Best Jewellery Franchises in India. It was founded by Chetna Jayantilal Jhaveri, Dinesh Gopaldas Bhatia, and Sudhirbhai Ambalal Mehta in 2002 and presently has many franchise outlets worldwide nation. The one-time franchise fee for 3 years is ₹ 3 lacs to 10 lacs, and the infrastructural investment involved is ₹ 1 crore to 2 crores. This franchisor claims 4% of the revenue earned by the franchise outlet.

Hope readers will find these details useful in choosing among the ten best Jewellery Franchise in India.

People in India invest a lot of money in different forms of jewellery. Therefore, one can find a dedicated jewellery market in each town.However, not all of them mark high sales since people prefer visiting trusted brands. Therefore, a business owner should invest in the Best Jewellery Franchise in India, having a good customer base.

Readers will find numerous vital details on these jewellery franchises that will guide them to make the right decision. Therefore, investors interested in getting any of these franchises should not miss out on a point in this article.

Benefits of having a Jewellery Franchise

One may ask himself/herself what’s the need of having a business. Why they want to get  around a Jewellery Franchise instead of their own. The answer for most of them is quite simple, however, the major benefits are mentioned as follows.  
A. The number one benefits one would derive from owning a Franchise is the ability to start your business with an established and well-known brand in the market with a customer base. That’s a known benefit, however, an important one with respect to the jewellery market. 
B. Jewellery is a crucial item for a customer on a purchase, they would not randomly buy any Jewellery that they have never heard of or seen before. It’s not always the design but the brand name and the trust that matters for them. Having a Jewellery Franchise of a known brand can help us bridge the gap of trust with our customers. This can make our sales easy. 
C.  We may have many customers on a daily basis, but to have those skills, training, and the ability to close our customers for the jewellery is been taught to us by the representatives of the brand whose Franchise we have acquired.  You need to learn these skills or  have training  for running our business successfully.

Jewellery Franchise Business in India

How to Start a Jewelry Business in 2022: Step-by-Step Guide

Branded Jewellery retail sector in India plays an important role in the Indian economy. Factors such as changing lifestyles and cultures and an increasingly youthful population have an impact. Current generation with high disposable income have driven the growth of the branded jewellery sector.

The rise of the modern retail sector has made it easier for the sale and distribution of branded ones. Franchise Opportunities in India in branded jewellery retail sector are also mounting up with the participation of major companies.

Franchise India is an entity of Franchise Mart. Here jewellery franchising is a key franchise business opportunity. Jewellery franchise is a major part of the franchise’s business and also a great opportunity to start our own business. There are all kinds of Jewellery franchises – including fashion jewellery, gold, silver and diamond Brands.

Also we have artificial, costume jewellery, pearls, art jewellery, international jewellery brands, etc. Interested in Jewellery franchises?. Somewhere in this franchise category, there is probably some Jewellery franchise that is just right for you! 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion,India is one of the most popular countries for jewellery franchises. Entrepreneurs looking to invest in the retail sector should consider these 10 top jewellery franchise opportunities in India. With careful research and investment, entrepreneurs can start a successful jewellery business with low costs and high rewards. It is important to remember that each franchise has its own unique advantages.

It is important to make sure that the chosen franchise aligns with individual goals and objectives. Many Brands such as Tanishq, Carat Lane started offering Franchise opportunities for interested parties in various parts of India. Grab the Opportunity and scale up your business!

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