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Top 10 Jewellery Influencers You Must Know

Posted by Tanaya | Aug 5, 2021

Are you someone who adores jewellery and wishes to learn the art of making jewellery pieces? Jewellery making with precious and semi-precious stones is a great career option for those who have an interest in designing and wish to give beautiful meanings to their creativity. But the industry is highly competitive and one needs to keep up constantly with the latest jewellery and fashion trends, understand the market and have a sound knowledge about the customer’s needs. If you are looking for some inspiration and want to know how to keep up with the latest jewellery trends in the market, then you have come to the right place. This article covers some of the top game-changers in the jewellery industry. They are successful jewellery influencers who have been inspiring millions. Read on to find out who they are and what they do to help jewellery aspirants for the globe live up to their dreams.

What is jewellery influencer marketing?

In today’s time, content is the king! Great content and unique ideas are the key combination for any business to bloom. And for that social media is the go-to place. Social media almost makes it too simple by serving what you need on a silver platter. All you need to do is open an account and know whom to follow. The rest is made very simple. In the world of jewellery making and designing, how much influencer marketing can help a business? The answer is a lot!

As more people are making a living with marketing tier products on social media, a microcosm of influencers is growing among them. These microcosms of influencers are directly influencing the users and impacting the things the users end up purchasing. For instance, if a user follows a micro-influencer who actively posts on jewellery and fashion, then that user is likely to buy products that the jewellery influencer is promoting on his/her site.

Another way of influencing and marketing products is simply by the principle of word of mouth.

Today, there are plenty of jewellery and fashion influencers on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Blogging, and YouTubes. With a solid social media marketing strategy, an online jewellery influence can help you boost your social media presence and improve your jewellery product sales.

Here are the top ten jewellery influencers whom you must follow for maintaining the trend of adding a few unique goodies to your jewellery box.

Danielle Miele’s Gem Gossips

Danielle Miele is a professional gemologist who has always admired the world of jewellery. She is from New York and she possesses an extensive jewellery collection from around the globe. If you are on her blog site, you will be amazed by her fine jewellery series of “My Jewel Box – Oh Baby, Gino Has Arrived”, “Jewels At My Doorstep”, “Jewelry Collection Stories – Elisha of Spoken stone” and many more. She also has a fine collection of unique jewellery pieces which are antique, vintage, stone-based, Italian collection, rare jewellery treasures, and the list goes on. The article and jewellery road trips on social media speak about her passion, dedication, and love for jewellery. She created her Instagram page @gemgossip in 2008 and since then, she has been actively posting about her collection, her style statements, and a lot of beautiful stories.

Erika Winters

Erika winters jewellery

If you are looking for some inspiration for fine bridal jewellery designs, then Erika Winters’s blog is your ultimate reference place. She started with her bridal collection in 2006. You might wonder why a bridal collection? This is due to her passionate interest in the style of engagement rings. But wait, her collection doesn’t end there. She has also opened her jewellery box for many antique-cut diamond collections that are handcrafted special diamonds from the United States. You may find a hint of antique touch to her jewellery collection as well, however, these pieces are executed in a modern way.

Ageless Heirlooms

A jewellery blog that tells a story. Lauren founded Ageless Heirlooms in 2006. The idea behind her blog was to show off some marvellous antique jewellery collections at a much more reasonable rate and to offer the most up-to-date information on vintage engagement rings, wagging studs, and more. You might be wondering what exactly the heirloom jewellery collection is all about. Well, heirloom jewellery is a collection of precious antique belongings of a family that has passed through generations. Lauren’s collection thus also includes stunning antique tiaras, Victorian-style bracelets, metallic rings and so much more. That’s not all, her blog also educates people on jewellery, precious stones, the history of certain ornaments, and so on.

Jewels du Jour

Jewels du Jour blog is run by Natalie Bos Betteridge. The site serves as a great platform for jewellery auctions. From sophisticated jewellery pieces to a scintillating collection, Jewels de Jour has it all. In short, Jewels du Jour is your daily dose of jewellery news from around the world.

Kelly In The City

A Preppy Chicago Life, Style and Fashion, ‘Kelly in the City’ is a blog owned by Kelly Larkin. You will find a lot of jewellery and fashion-related content in her blog. Documenting as she embraces new stages of life, Kelley’s blog will surely make you live with her life. Every time she explores, she brings her new experience to the table for her readers. Her blog covers a wide range of topics like fashion, lifestyle, weddings, amazon shopings, and much more.

Her breathtaking jewellery collections will surely make you want to purchase those pieces on the spot.

The Diamond Girl

If you are into fine jewellery and looking for some inspiration, then you should follow Tracey Ellison on Instagram. Once a customer service strategist, she is now a passionate blogger and the proud owner of the Diamond Girl page on Instagram. Her page highlights some of the finest diamond jewellery pieces from brands like Graff, Cartier, Harry Winston, and Bulgari.

What’s better is that Tracey knows her jewellery well. Anything on the feed that is related to jewellery and styles is one of the most stunningly beautiful pieces that you have seen. Join her as she travels across the world, seeking out some of the rarest and unique jewellery pieces.

Kamikaze Jewels

This one is surely going to make you happy as well as inspire you to check out the site for his jewellery collections. A former national-level swimmer, Pablo Cimadevila is a bespoke jewellery designer based in Spain. He runs a YouTube channel discussing various unique jewellery pieces- including a set of custom-made solid gold AirPods - along with videos of the process he uses to make them. His brand Kamikaze jewels include custom jewellery pieces, stories, as well as the tools he used to create his masterpieces.

Lorraine Schwartz

In the world of diamond and gold jewellery, Lorraine Schwartz is a popular name. She is best known for her high-end jewellery pieces and for designing customised bespoke high jewellery pieces for some of the top Hollywood celebrities. From fine jewellery, elegant watches, treasured gifts, and custom-made styles to expert jewellery repairs, one can find almost everything related to jewellery at her store.

Arundhati De Sheth

Arundhati De Sheth is a bespoke jewellery consultant and advisor from India. She is best known for her distinctive and qualitative taste in fine jewellery making. With an idea to help people make luxurious, smart, and noteworthy jewellery acquisitions, Arundhati actively writes in numerous publications sharing her thoughts and advice on jewellery.  

Suhani Pittie

Recognised by the World Gold Council as “One of the 10 most inventive and ingenious jewellery designers in the world” , Suhani is known for her pat- breaking contemporary jewellery designs. She is also a favourite of many Indian celebrities for her dashing ideas and unique designs that instantly meet the eye.

If you are into fashion and jewellery and you wish to become successful in this field, it is essential to follow the top fashion and jewellery professionals who can influence you towards your success. Hope this list helps you find the kind of jewellery blogs and Instagram page that you have been looking for.

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