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Transferable Teaching Skills for a Jewelry Specialist

Lottie Westfield

Lottie Westfield

May 16, 2023

People change careers between 5-7 times on average during their working life, the Balance reveals. Greater job satisfaction, pay, and work-life balance are usually the main motivators behind someone’s decision to switch careers. If you’re a teacher looking to start afresh as a jewelry specialist, you may be unsure if you’re ready to jump into such a different industry.  Fortunately, however, as a teacher you’ve developed a host of transferable skills that will set you up for success in this new career.

Research skills

Research skills help teachers become better educators; by having a deep understanding of a given topic, they’re therefore able to more effectively share this knowledge with their students. These skills also transfer over into the jewelry industry, as specialists rely on research to identify different precious stones and jewels, as well as determine whether a piece is real or fake, for example.

You may also need to turn to research to answer client questions, such as, providing the origin or estimated cost of a piece of jewelry. So, as a jewelry specialist, you need to be ready to delve into trusted sources for accurate information, whether that’s online journals, history books, or even visiting ancient sites in-person. The research skills you developed throughout your teaching career will therefore set you up nicely as a jewelry specialist.

Communication skills

Clear communication is essential for teachers who need to capture and maintain class attention for a sustained period of time. In addition to verbal communication, written communication skills are just as important. You’ll be well-equipped with these having created so many worksheets and presentations over time. Jewelry specialists also rely on top-notch communication skills. In fact, it’s your communication skills that may ultimately make or break a sale. Clients typically ask many questions before making a purchase.

You may be asked to clearly explain the details of a design, the inspiration behind it, the price of a piece, as well as its potential future value. Excellent communication skills will allow you to handle these situations like a pro. Keep in mind, communication is a learned skill that can be practiced and strengthened over time. Elearning courses offer a particularly convenient way of strengthening your communication skills, for example. Since they’re taught and delivered online, elearning courses can be tailored to suit your existing schedule as needed.

Creative thinking

Creative thinking is another skill that teachers use to make their lessons more engaging and impactful. You need to devise effective lesson plans and ensure they’re tailored to the needs of each individual learner, for example. Creative thinking is also essential for jewelry specialists. Creativity is ultimately the underlying force that turns metal and stone into a unique piece of art. You need to be readily inspired by your surroundings, and know how to turn this inspiration into stand-out pieces.

Final Thoughts

Your career as a teacher has equipped you with a host of valuable transferable skills. Research, communication, and creative thinking are some of the key skills. These will help you start a new career as a jewelry specialist.

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