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Where Can I Buy Wholesale Jewelry?

The Mintly Team

The Mintly Team

May 27, 2022

Jewellery market is continuously thriving due to the high demand for unique and versatile jewellery pieces. Its value is expected to reach from $230 billion in 2020 to $292 billion by 2025. So, it is still a good time to become a part of this industry by starting your wholesale jewelry business.

If you are confused about which wholesale jewelry supplier to choose for your business then worry not. We are here to help you get on the right track by providing you with the list of top wholesale jewelry suppliers. So, read on to find the supplier that meets your needs the best and sees your business make immense progress.

Alibaba wholesale jewellery

, like eBay, and Amazon, is an e-commerce website. It is a China-based enterprise that has been in operation for 19 years. So do not worry if this is the first time you are hearing about them; they are a well-established company and provide numerous opportunities for jewellery reselling jobs. You can find sellers of all types and sizes on Alibaba, offering you a wide variety of choices.

This is an advantage, but it can also be a threat if you don’t know how to choose the best wholesale jewelry provider for you! However, one of the most substantial aspects of Alibaba is that they have enough information about the seller’s past record so that you can make an informed decision about who is ideal for you.

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Distributors are given different scores depending on the number of transactions they have made. This includes everything from stars to crowns to gems. You can see their consumer ranking and the length of time they have been in business. Look for manufacturers with at least two years of experience, a 98 percent approval rate, and crowns and gems.

Because of Alibaba’s worldwide popularity, long background, and vast amount of various jewellery products, it is highly recommended to dealers who want to advance in the jewellery industry. Alibaba is up to the challenge of delivering various products to you no matter where you are in the world. It operates in more than 200 countries so buying wholesale jewelry won’t be an issue no matter where you live. You will undoubtedly appreciate working with them due to their fair selling rates and professional shipping procedure.

PandaWhole jewellery

PandaHall and PandaWhole are both owned by the same corporation. PandaHall sells in smaller amounts, while PandaWhole has jobs to sell in large bulk quantities. The most significant advantage of shopping with PandaWhole is that they mainly sell jewellery. The business was founded in China in 2003 and is a Trust Pilot member, so its ratings are scored separately from its webpage. Customers have given them positive feedback and appreciated their fast delivery of an extensive range of wholesale jewelry.

PandaWhole has a fast delivery policy. It ships within three days of being ordered. Instead of shipping from China, they also have a facility in the United Kingdom, which helps to speed up shipments to several nations. They have a fair return policy on all change of mind returns (within 7 days) and defective product returns (within 30 days).

When you browse for products on PandaWhole, you will find that their product images are of top standard and precise. You can also get a bonus if you spend more than a certain amount on certain types of jewelleries. If desired, the company would also give you a free catalog to make wholesale jewelry and similar product browsing simpler for you. If you want to buy components to design your jewellery or even teach jewelry-making lessons then PandaHall is the place to go.

JewelryBund wholesale

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is yet another trustworthy wholesale retailer. They are producer of jewellery such as fashion, costume, rose gold, crystal , and 925 solid silver, among other items.

They are famous in the industry for being the most experienced jewellery and accessory retailer, providing the latest goods and services to their retail customers worldwide. This company was established in 2008, and it has offices in California, the United States, and Shenzhen, China.

JewelryBund, as a jewellery factory and wholesaler, gives its consumers who are interested in wholesale jewelry jobs some decent selling rates and provides quality service without complaint. They always have excellent and quality fashion pieces of jewellery, which will keep your clients coming back to your retail jewellery shop. If you doubt the quality, then visit their website. There are several online reviews from their customers praising their quality and the superior treatment they had.

The jewellery is shipped quickly and reliably to their buyers; many of their foreign buyers appear to have received their orders within a week. Another feature is that they create their jewellery with original designs, including your own personalized logo if desired. If you want to start or expand your wholesale jewelry company, either online or locally, they can be easily reached and provide you with the highest quality of services and jewellery items.

DHGate wholesale jewellery

, a Chinese wholesale corporation headquartered in Beijing, was established 14 years ago. Their one-of-a-kind selling point is that they bind medium and small buyers and sellers which makes DHGate an outstanding forum for this market. This is mirrored in their name, a nod to Dunhuang, a famous city on the old Silk Road that linked Chinese merchants with the rest of the world.

One of the primary advantages of shopping on DHGate is the large variety of jewellery available on their site. The platform offers the requisite details for you to filter the providers and choose the one that you believe meets your needs the best. Every item for sale on DHGate has a purchase count and overall consumer ratings, allowing you to see the value of each design and the retailer’s rating.

The key is to choose a vendor with outstanding feedback from whom you feel comfortable while purchasing. Returning goods and obtaining customer service can be a time-consuming process as opposed to domestic returns since you are shopping from such a long distance and you can face language barriers. However, the prices are reasonable, and there is always something for everybody.

DHGate not only markets jewellery but also sells various other goods ranging from apparel to kitchen pieces. They are close to Amazon in that they offer a wide range of items. So, if you’re looking for a place that only sells wholesale jewelry, they may not be for you.

Wholesale Sparkle jewellery

Wholesale Sparkle is known as one of the best retailers if you are looking for silver jewellery or 14K gold jewellery pieces. They are based in Los Angeles, California. Wholesale Sparkle is committed to providing cheap wholesale jewelry rates and the finest online shopping experiences. They export jewellery to all 50 U.S. states with a flat shipping fee. This can help U.S. jewellery shoppers can save a lot of money. You can do this by purchasing wholesale jewelry for their jewellery jobs or businesses.

According to our findings, there are few online reviews about this company. Still, the majority of them are good, so they should also be rated one of the best wholesale jewelry suppliers online on the list.

Wholesale Sparkle has the best jewellery you can imagine. Earrings, necklaces, rings, and other types of jewellery are affordable on this platform. As a retail company owner looking to expand and attract more buyers, you would enjoy purchasing jewellery from Wholesale Sparkle. They are ready to roll, and their customer service is outstanding.

ASU wholesale Jewelry

Our last wholesaler is ASU Jewelry, which is also located in China. While they started out as a jewellery wholesaler, they have grown to market sunglasses and clothes as well. ASU Jewelry specializes in costume jewellery, which includes hair extensions, brooches, and adorable jewellery beads.

While ASU Jewelry is not a marketplace, the scale of the website suggests this might be. Furthermore, you will take advantage of combined delivery to use a single account for all of your jewellery needs. This ensures that any ASU order is subject to the same return policy. All goods should be returned within 14 days from the date. ASU also has a drop delivery option, which is useful if you are reselling goods and have little storage space. The company offers very low wholesale jewelry prices and sells in a variety of quantities when required.

ASU Jewelry has a large selection of pieces. It can be difficult to sort through several objects in their existing inventory. You can still  browse by price and category. But, we find the website less user-friendly than some of its alternatives.


Purchasing wholesale jewelry for resale has become a profitable industry in recent years. An increasing number of people have taken advantage of jewellery demand. They begun to do jobs as either specialist resellers or part-time traders. You can see a high demand for different styles of jewellery. This wholesale jewelry industry will continue to thrive and benefit lavishly. So, don’t stay behind in the line. You choose the best supplier from the list provided above to make progress in your wholesale jewelry business.

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