• February 3, 2023


The average number of times people are changing their jobs nowadays is between 10 to 15 times during their professional career.

So, with all this transitioning from job to job, and with millions of new graduates entering the labor force each year, the question “How do I find a job?” is on a lot of minds.

Of course, the process of finding a job is different for each one of us. And a lot depends on the industry as well. Our team did some research by asking companies and recruiters for their insights on the best strategies to help people get hired faster.

Digital technology is playing a huge part in shaping trends in recruitment, which is leading job searchers online. More and more companies want to automate the process by using a variety of media to find and screen qualified people.

This means that strategies like finding jobs through Social Media platforms are increasing in popularity. Of course, old-fashioned in-person networking remains a valuable strategy for job searchers as well.

Millions of people in India lost their jobs during the last year as the coronavirus pandemic shut down numerous enterprises and forced workers to return home. In India, there are over 250 million blue and grey-collar employees, and providing them with meaningful job opportunities is one of our country’s major concerns.

Online Job Searching Platforms & Career Websites

Most people start looking for a job by typing keywords into an online search engine. Google itself has its own job search platform so that when you enter terms like the one above, you’ll see postings from organizations hiring for positions with similar keywords.

An online search will also lead you to platforms like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Apna app, and Glassdoor, which are job-specific content aggregators. These sites pull together relevant job ads from across the web based on your search terms.

In some cases, you can apply directly for these jobs through the platform. Or you’ll be directed to the hiring organization’s website. Either way, before you start applying, make sure that your resume and cover letter are up-to-date.

Apna app logo

Apna app has been developed as a professional networking and jobs platform that will help professionals connect with potential employers and land their jobs.

Founded in 2019, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, the Apna app(a digital recruiting business) became a unicorn approximately 21 months after its founding and 15 months after it started full-scale operations.

The firm is founded by ex-Apple executive Nirmit Parikh and has now been valued at $1.1 billion following a new fundraising round led by Tiger Global Management.


Startup Name: Apna
Legal Name: ApnaTime Inc
Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Industry: Employment, Human Resources, Recruiting
Founder: Nirmit Parikh
Founded: 2019
Valuation: $1.1 bn (November 2021)
Revenue: $2.25 mn (Rs 16.95 crore in FY21)
Funding: $193.5 mn (November 2021)
Website: www.apna.co

Apna app

ApnaJob.in is among the best free job posting sites for employers in India. We bring to you the best hiring experience and transform your vision into a creative result!


  • To provide the best recruitment experience, process, and prime talent to the organization
  • Post jobs online and hire employees online
  • Get high-quality staff
  • To be in the list of top 10 free job posting sites in India
  • Provide a platform to post free jobs online
  • Serves all types of companies & different positions
  • Helps individuals to get hired online with decent salary pay
  • Get a work-from-home job

After hearing about the difficulty his relatives and friends in India had recruiting employees, Parikh decided to develop the Apna app. This perplexed Parikh, who asked how India could have a labor shortage when there are hundreds of millions of people actively searching for employment. The issue was that there was no scalable networking infrastructure in place to connect employees and employers.

Before launching the company, Parikh spoke with employees and went undercover as an electrician and a floor manager to have a better understanding of the issues they faced.

At its heart, the business ‘Apna’ app, whose name is based on a 2019 Bollywood film, is addressing the issue of workers’ network gaps, “A child from a wealthy family attends the best school, attends the finest college, and meets powerful people. It is noted that many people born just a few kilometers away face a completely different sort of life and never experience such chances,”.

The company’s namesake Android app, which is accessible in various languages, already has over 70 communities for specialized professions including carpenters, painters, and field sales representatives, among others.

On the app, users interact with one another to share leads and suggestions on how to better their careers. People may also use the app to improve their skills, practice their interview skills, and increase their chances of landing a job. According to the company, it is developing Masterclass-style skilling courses, result or job-based skilling, and peer-to-peer learning through its vertical communities. It intends to include a career counseling and resume-building function.

Apna’s slogan says, “Get a Job. FASTER.

How do I get a job using the Apna app?

It is simple to find jobs on the Apna app. Follow these steps to get a job using the Apna app
1. Download the Apna jobs app from Google Play Store.
2. Log into the Apna jobs app using your phone number and complete your profile.
3. Select the job categories that match your skills.
4. Find the job of your choice and apply.
5. Call HR to schedule an interview.

get a job on Apna app

What type of jobs is present on the Apna app?

Apart from full-time jobs, the Apna app/platform helps job seekers to find jobs specific to their requirements. The platform has a dedicated set of jobs for those looking for Apna jobs work-from-home, freshers’ jobs, part-time jobs, women’s jobs, and night shift jobs.

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