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How to Ask about Job vacancies over the phone?

The Mintly Team

The Mintly Team

May 27, 2022

You get in life, only what you have the COURAGE to ask.” – Oprah Winfrey

These empowering words can be just as intimidating when the time comes to apply them in the job market. Looking for job vacancies is hard enough, asking for them over the phone with so many online emailing, and messaging options available may seem counter-intuitive.

Some may say that no one does that anymore. Well, that is exactly why is can be the breakthrough that places you in the centre of the opportunity.

Only if you are ready to do what no one today generally does. Which is to ask about job vacancies over the phone.

Why Call for Job Vacancies?

Sets you apart

When a route is full of traffic, there is always a second route that gets ignored. Knowing beforehand that you will get high traffic on a specific route you can already take the other route.

Which would improve your chances to reach your destination before time.

Similarly when you are ready to take the phone route while the whole world is busy sending emails alone. You increase your chances of selection.

You are In-charge

There is always a better way to find job. You don’t have to sit around and wait for the companies you aspire to work for to list a job opening. Or continuously refresh the online jobs page. You can do your research, approach them first hand and get a shortcut to the queue to job vacancies.

This way you can make your list of prospective companies that you feel you align with in terms of brand value and trade practices.

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Showcases your seriousness

It highlights you as an action taker in the eyes of your Employer. As you were someone who took a chance and went beyond applying to job hiring near me on placement websites alone.

Imagine yourself in their place. Wouldn’t you want to hire someone who takes the extra effort? Of course, you would.

Lets Venture into the How?

The main purpose of the blog. The real training. Everyone wishes for that fast job, that instant call back but few have the perseverance to work on the seeking process.

But if you are ready to follow, here is a step to step guide.

Let us break it down for you in 4 easy steps.

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Step 1 – Make a list

The first prerequisite to asking for job vacancies on-call would be to list out your prospects.

You can get these names from internet directories of the specific business that you are looking for.

For instance, if you want to work in Mumbai, you should do your research based on job vacancies in Mumbai.

For example, If the industry is gems and Jewellery make a list of prospects in that field.

Reading a few helpful articles such as How to start a career at Jewellery store, would also give you an additional advantage.

Step 2 – Figure out the most adequate way to approach

There are three types of approaches.

One is through referral, in which case you activate your network and ask people to refer you for the required job.

The second is through their accounts on LinkedIn or Facebook, where you first engage as a follower. Then send a connection request. On acceptance, you may share your interest to work for them and propose a phone interview. Asking them to share their number.

The third is cold calling on the number available on their internet or public business profile and asking the person who picks up on who would be the best person to speak to in the office, to talk about job placement.

Step 3 – Practice your pitch

It is not just advisable but completely essential that you are prepared beforehand to handle any sort of curveballs that you may counter in the phone interaction.

Think of the things he/she may ask and how you would answer them.

Be courteous while calling and make sure you call at a time that is not inconvenient to them.

Introduce Yourself with name and qualification,

And state the reason for the call in the first 15 seconds itself.

Step 4 – Start implementing

Start making the calls.

This is the crucial step. This is where you implement all the planning that you have been doing.

This step may take you a little nervous at the start and you may also have to hear a few disappointing Nos but just remember all you need is one YES. After all, you can only work at one place, so every No is leading you one step closer to a yes.

If you wonder whether you can seek Job vacancies for freshers through this method, the answer is yes it can. So don’t be shy if you are a fresher.

If you are comfortable moving cities, you can also go through which Indian cities have the most job opportunities.

Some Additional Assistance – Script/Pitch

Clarity – you must be clear on what kind of expertise you have and what kind of remuneration range you would be comfortable working in.

Research – look into the business online presence and see what highlights you can pick, or points you feel aligned to.

Energy – not too high as to seem desperate, neither too low as to seem incompetent. You should sound confident and clear.

Network – be in one place while making the call, and make sure it’s a place where the network is strong.

Make notes – keep a pad and pen and during or after the call write down for your record the details of the call, so you don’t end up calling the same person twice and if you get a return call you can refer to the points to remember the highlights of the conversation.

Here are, more tips on how to ask for job vacancies. You can explore a few more such tips before you begin implementation to build confidence.

Other key points that you must pay attention

  1. Is it a good time to talk

This has been mentioned earlier as well, but it is being repeated on purpose. Right timing is very crucial, because if they are distracted at the time you call then they would not be able to pay attention to you. Lack of attention would reduce your fair chances of sharing your credentials, which adversely affects your chances of selection.

2. Are you speaking to the right person?

Make sure you confirm if you are on phone with the Individual that you intend to talk to. That their phone is not being attended by someone else or that the number has connected correctly.

Mention the reference person who connected you to them, Or the process through which you got connected. This would set the necessary context for them to be receptive.

3. Be sincere

You are calling to ask for a job. It is a fair exchange. You shall neither be shy nor be overconfident in sharing your abilities. Be sincere in communicating your strengths that may get you the required preference.

4. Seek advice

You may end the call by requesting to ask a small question.

Which would be – do you have any advice for me? People love to help others and chances are that you may get insights that improve your presentation or a helpful tip that would further make you better in an area that you didn’t earlier pay attention to.

5. Thank them for their time.

Thank you for taking the time to discuss the job enquiry with me over the phone. I appreciate the opportunity to learn more about the position and company. Your insights were valuable and have given me a better understanding of the role. I look forward to further discussions.


Research the company: Gather about the company before making the call. This will help you tailor your questions and demonstrate your interest.

  1. Prepare a script: Jot down key points and questions you want to ask. This will ensure you don’t miss any important details during the conversation.
  2. Introduce yourself: Start the call by introducing yourself and mentioning how you came across the job vacancy. Be polite and professional.
  3. Inquire about the job vacancy: Ask if there are any current job openings that match your skills and interests. Provide a brief overview of your qualifications if necessary.
  4. Ask about the application process: Inquire about the application process, such as whether you should submit a resume or fill out an online form. Ask about any specific documents or information they may require.
  5. Clarify any doubts: If you have any questions or concerns about the job or company, this is the time to ask. It shows your genuine interest in the position.
  6. Express gratitude: Thank the person for their time and consideration. Request their contact information if necessary, so you can follow up later.

Final Thoughts

The fact that you have read this far proves that you are a motivated individual. That you can learn and absorb new ideas and have the curiosity to seek innovative solutions.

When it comes to inquiring about job vacancies over the phone, it’s crucial to be prepared and confident. Start by introducing yourself and stating your purpose clearly. Ask relevant questions, listen attentively, and take notes. Remember to express gratitude and follow up with any necessary actions. With these tips, you’ll increase your chances of securing the perfect job opportunity. Good luck!

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