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Mintly is a global Internet Hiring Marketplace for Jewelry Industry, currently serving India and Middle East Markets. It is the fastest growing community-driven marketplace for Jewellery Professionals especially GIA gemologists and Brands in the Industry, working for various business units such as Precious Metals- Mining, Importers, Exporters, Retailers, Design Agencies, and E-Commerce brands. Jewelry brands can post their job requirement on our job board, avail of our premium services, acquire the best talents in the industry, and conduct background checks.

Being 6 years old in the Hiring Space since its launch in September 2016, it has been focused on Retail, IT, and Engineering Industries. During COVID, it found a bigger talent skill gap problem in the Jewelry Industry and pivoted further to focus only on the very niche Jewellery Industry.

GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is the world’s foremost authority on diamonds, colored stones, and pearls. A public benefit, nonprofit institution, GIA is the leading source of knowledge, standards, and education in gems and jewellery.

Across the world, people honor and appreciate the beauty and mystery of gems. Just like the gems being at the heart of this work, the opportunities are infinite, limited only by one’s imagination, passion, and the professional skills they need to take one there. GIA’s Career Services brings together employers offering career opportunities, and its professionally trained students and alumni, ranging in experience from entry-level to seasoned management. It has shaped the gem industry, protected millions of consumers, and taught generations of jewelers and GIA gemologists all over the world since 1931. Through research, education, and unbiased gem grading and analysis, GIA strives to protect the gem and jewelry buying public by setting global quality standards. Comprising over 3,000 employees in 13 countries, GIA is a place of diversity, innovation, creativity, and engagement.

GEM Jobs & Careers

GIA Gemologist

Whether you’re starting a new career or looking to advance your current one, a GIA education is key to opening doors within the industry. One is taught the latest knowledge and time-tested skills using cutting-edge research and technology. Professionalism and integrity are at the heart of all that is done to provide the students with the expertise they need to operate at the highest ethical and professional standards. GIA credentials are a globally recognized mark of excellence that shows a jewelry professional is equipped for the challenges and opportunities of the ever-evolving gem and jewelry industry.

GIA offers globally recognized programs in gemmology and design, and classes in retail sales. The world leader in gem and jewellery education, GIA attracts students from all over the country and the globe. Offering programs and courses in diamonds, colored stones, pearls, and jewellery design, GIA provides knowledge and practical skills to translate the love for gems and jewellery into a rewarding career. GIA offers competitive salaries and exceptional benefits as well as training opportunities to employees all over the globe.

With its prestige and global reach, a GIA education can advance your career and open new pathways to success. Bringing industry experience and knowledge, a passion for their craft, and a gift for teaching, GIA instructors are committed to helping you maximize your potential and thrive in the gem and jewelry industry. Possible Career Paths once you are GIA certified – Appraiser, Auction House Jewelry Specialist, Colored Stone Buyer, Diamond Buyer, Diamond Sorter/Grader, Estate Jewelry Dealer, GIA gemologists, Inventory Control Specialist, Jewelry Business Owner, Jewelry Buyer, Lab, and Research Professional, Merchandiser, Pawnbroker, Retailer, Sales Associate, Wholesaler, etc.

Appraiser – Evaluate gemstones, antique and contemporary jewelry, and fine watches. Write detailed descriptions and determine valuation.

Designer – Unleash your creativity and transform your inspirations into beautiful jewelry.

Buyer – Monitor industry and consumer trends and seek out gems and finished jewelry pieces to sell profitably.

Retail – Share your customers’ happiest moments and inspire team members to achieve their greatest potential in this fast-paced environment. A career in retail jewelry sales can be rewarding, exciting, and lucrative

Bench Jeweler – Manufacture and repair fine jewelry using craftsmanship skills and expert techniques.

Lab & Research Professional – Investigate new gem finds, treatment processes, and detection methods in the field and laboratory.

Auction Specialist – Oversee buying and selling during the exciting process of auctioning privately owned one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Wholesale – Import and sell diamonds, colored stones, cultured pearls, finished jewelry, and watches from locations around the world. 

Manufacturer – Transform designs into jewelry that can be produced and sold on a mass scale.

GIA Graduate Gemologist Course / Jobs posted on Mintly:

GIA India – Since 2004, The world leader in gem and jewellery education, GIA has been serving the Indian gem & jewellery industry.

Located in Bandra-Kurla Complex, close to the Bharat Diamond Bourse, it first opened its Mumbai campus, and 4 years later, a state-of-the-art grading laboratory in the same location. Catering to the needs of manufacturers, traders, and retailers across the country, it is staffed by a seasoned team of instructors, gemmologists, and graders, the Mumbai laboratory and educational facilities cater. GIA opened a new laboratory in Surat to meet the needs of the global gem and jewellery industry in 2018, offering diamond manufacturers based in this important diamond center direct local access to GIA’s laboratory services. GIA educational programs are also offered at the same location. It attracts students from all over the country and the globe, offering programs and courses in diamonds, colored stones, pearls, and jewellery design, GIA provides knowledge and practical skills to translate the love for gems and jewellery into a rewarding career.

GIA gemologist

Diamond Grader at (GIA) Gemological Institute of America

Role: Performs the summative evaluation of diamonds in accordance with the International Diamond Grading System and documents the identifying features required for the initial draft of GIA Diamond Grading reports.

For detailed profile roles and responsibilities, check out here.

GIA gemologist

Lab Assistant at (GIA) Gemological Institute of America

Role: Performs assigned pre/post grading production processes of Lab Weights & Measures, Lab Inscription, Lab Inventory Control, Lab Report Services, and Lab Transport required to complete the production workflow. 

Mintly provides a community for professionals in Gems, Jewellery and Precious Metals Industry to find career opportunities with these brands in different locations, wherever you are in India. Stay tuned to read our blogs for more such articles. For detailed profile roles and responsibilities, please subscribe here.

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