• February 3, 2023
Job Search Apps


The job market is getting increasingly competitive, and creating the proper resume, cover letter, and preparation for an interview is not enough anymore. You need to put a great deal of thought into creating the best profile on all of the available social media outlets, distributing it online, and being vigilant about how it looks on different search engines. We recommend researching any top 5 job search apps long before you start your virtual journey of seeking employment.

With the job market being pretty tough, these applications will help newcomers get an idea of where jobs in their city are available and what options they have. If you’re at a loss about where to start or what to do next, getting some direction from one of these below-mentioned top job search apps for freshers is always a good bet.

LinkedIn – Largest job search app

Top 3 apps for a fast job search in IndiaThis is probably the world’s largest professional network online. You can access this platform as a website on your computer or use its app version on your smartphone.

This professional platform can be used for:

  • Finding job opportunities, especially high-level vacancies
  • Finding Internship projects with MNCs, Corporates, as well as Startups
  • Building a professional network
  • Strengthening professional relationships
  • Showcasing your professional story in the form of your Linkedin profile

LinkedIn is primarily focused on high-level professionals with degrees such as Graduation, Post-Graduation, MBA, and M.Tech. It is helpful to make connections with key people in the industry such as Founders, Entrepreneurs, and CXOs in addition to people in your own organization, domains of interest, and peer groups.

LinkedIn can be also used for organizing offline events, writing and posting professional articles, and other forms of media such as photos and videos.

While the basic features of LinkedIn are free, there are paid plans for additional features.

Naukri – Oldest job search app

Top 3 apps for a fast job search in IndiaNaukri is one of the oldest professional platforms that was created with one clear purpose in mind – connecting job seekers to employers. Naukri’s job search app is free and anyone can apply for any job posting as long as they sign up on naukri.com.

The Naukri app helps you search for jobs on the go and is handy for job search app seekers exploring several job categories and areas of expertise.

Searching for jobs and applying for jobs on Naukri.com is free for all job seekers. After applying, Naukri sends all applications to the employers.


Key features of this job search app:

  • Is focused predominantly on fast job search
  • Allows you to upload and send your resume to the recruiters of the applied jobs
  • Is available at all locations in India
  • Has a huge number of listings for all types of jobs

While the job search app and application process are free, Naukri offers a paid option called Naukri FastForward Services that facilitate resume writing, Recruiter Connection, and Priority Applicant.


Top 3 apps for a fast job search in IndiaAs the word reflects, apna is India’s very own career-building app. This is a new-gen app catering to the professional needs of job seekers looking for frontline employment opportunities. The credibility of this app is evident in the fact that it won Google Play’s award for ‘Best App for Personal Growth 2020’ within a very short span of its launch.

Apna has been instrumental in supporting the livelihood of millions of frontline workers who were on the brink of unemployment during the nationwide lockdown in 2020. Powered by a highly strong and expansive professional community, apna job search app continues to change the lives of millions through its comprehensive career development approach.

This app facilitates jobs for all segments of job search app seekers: skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled. Apna users can search offline as well as online jobs in over 70+ categories in 64 cities in India.

Key features of the apna app

  • Builds your professional image within minutes
  • Fast job search app based on your interest, skill, experience, and location
  • Professional networking & skill development through professional community groups
  • Facilitates direct contact with recruiters: “Call HR” feature allows you to set up your own interview with the respective HR
  • Jobs for all qualifications: 10th pass, 12th pass, graduates and postgraduates (skilled or semi-skilled)
  • Live lessons from industry experts
  • Support for the language needs of non-English speaking job seekers

All services and features of this app are absolutely FREE.

So, now that we have highlighted the features of each of these professional apps for job search in India, you can take an informed decision and begin an efficient and effective top job search app India and build a successful career.

Indeed – Widely used job search app

Indeed is the most widely used job site worldwide, with over 250 million unique visitors per month.  Indeed is available in more than 60 countries and 28 languages, covering 94% of global GDP.

Indeed.com is a job search app that people can use to search for jobs based on the type of work they want, the location they wish to work in, and their salary requirements. With over 200 million job listings, Indeed.com is one of the most popular sites for finding a new career.

Indeed offers free access to millions of jobs from thousands of company websites and job boards in a single search. Indeed’s online Job Search app helps you through the job search process, from search to application.

Glassdoor – Job Search App with company reviews & salaries

On Glassdoor, the best job search app India, automate your search, then apply with a few quick taps. Get paid what you’re worth. Understand what employees at your company and elsewhere are making, from entry-level to C-suite.

Find the companies where diversity is a measurable metric, not just a talking point. Plus, filter company ratings by gender, race/ethnicity, parental status, sexual orientation, and more, and learn what it might be like for you. Browse company reviews from current and past employees and recent interviewees.

Mintly- Hiring Marketplace for Gems , Jewellery and Precious Metals Industry

Mintly, one of the best job searching apps in India, is the fastest growing community-driven marketplace for Professionals and Brands in the Gems, Jewellery and Precious Metals Industry. It connects the right  talent with the right hiring manager. Jewelry professionals can browse jobs for free, post resumes in a few clicks, be noticed by top brands, speak to HR directly, and get hired.

india job search app

It is a 10-member team distributed across cities in India and USA. In 2022, Mintly has set a target to onboard 1M  professionals (White Collar, Blue Collar, Karigars) and 10K Brands in the Industry.

It has a mission of building a Global Community of  Professionals, covering companies that are in Mining up to D2C (Direct 2 Consumer) business units. With a Vision to make top professionals and the best jobs accessible in the  industry via job search app best, the Intent is to help professionals get an interview call within 48 hours.

Its goal is to build the biggest hiring marketplace for the gems, jewelry, and precious metals industry that can impact the career aspirations of any professional in the world. Currently, it is serving major cities in India.
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